Beyonce and Jay-Z Just Dropped Joint Album ‘Everything Is Love’

Beyonce and Jay-Z just dropped a joint album Everything Is Love and it is indeed, EVERYTHING.

We thought we had plans tonight but turns out we’ll be busy memorizing the latest release from The Carters now that they have treated fans to a surprise project exclusively on Tidal.

The featured track is “Ape Shit” and Ricky Saiz-directed music video for the single was shot at the Louve in Paris in May. The video is a stunning six minutes of splendour that features Bey in so many incredible looks my head is still spinning.

Watching Beyonce rock a spandex Burberry two-piece bodysuit, a pink power suit, or a gorgeous white couture gown while spitting lyrics that highlight how far she and her husband have come is almost too much to take.

“I can’t believe we made it,....

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