Best Streaming Apps for Android, Windows

Movies and TV shows are the most loved way of entertainment. With the internet, movies and tv shows are easy to access. What makes it easier are Android apps. There are hundreds of apps you can install on your android smartphone/tablets.

Here are the best Android apps you can install for watching movies on android.

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular apps for watching movies and tv shows on Android. Not only Android, but you can also enjoy movies on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other devices. They have a massive collection of movies and they also have Netflix Original Series that makes Netflix one of the best platforms for entertainment.

2. Prime Video

Here is something from Jeff Bezos's Amazon. Prime Video is one of the benefits of having Amazon Prime Subscription. Just like Netflix, Prime Video also comes with a huge collection of Movies and tv shows that you can enjoy on Android as well as on other devices. Amazon Prime Video also releases its Prime Original Series and movies that you can watch only on Prime Video.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is a great app not only for movies and tv shows but for LIVE TV as well. You can watch a range of LIVE tv channels on your Hotstar account. You can watch Hotstar on Android, Windows, macOS and on web browsers. Hotstar has a good collection of movies and tv shows. They have some of the great shows that are not available on Netflix and Prime Video but there all over the collection is still lacks behind Netflix and Prime Video.

4. Cyberflix TV

The above mentioned are the paid apps for which you need to buy a paid subscription. If you are someone who doesn't want or afford the paid subscription right now, you can install Cyberflix apk on your android devices. Cyberflix is a free app for watching movies and tv shows online. They don't have any collection of themselves but they just scrap the link from the internet and show you at the one place. Make sure you are using a VPN while streaming through Cyberflix tv.

5. Hulu

Hulu is yet another service you can opt to stream movies, tv shows as well as the LIVE tv. They have affordable plans that you can opt for as per your requirements. You can also buy the bundle of Disney , ESPN & HULU at $12.99/mo.

There is no single app that will provide you all the content on the one app that is why you need to choose any 2 or 3 apps that seem good to you. There are other free options but those are not safe to access in several countries.

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