It’s indeed a pleasure to be alive to see the last days of the year 2017.
Many made profits while several others have incurred losses in their business. But all hope is not lost as I will be bringing you the best business ideas for 2018 which you can choose from. I strongly believe that 2018 is going to be a good year for business men and women both offline and online.

The first on my list of best business ideas for 2018 is


This is one business that most people don’t remember when thinking of business ideas. Everyone and every living thing need water to survive. So water and drinks are things we humans cannot do without. If you are looking to do a business in 2018, this is one business you should be considering. You can supply cold pure water, bottle water and drinks to retailers and you will make money in 2018.

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If you are interested in doing this business, you will need to look for a good location and get freezers to keep the drinks and water cold. Now if you don’t have money to buy freezers, you can look for old freezers to buy or get condemned ones.  What you need do is buy ice block from vendors, put them in your drinks to keep them cold throughout the day.

Before I leave this business of drinks I want to refer to my post on   If you prefer to produce yogurt instead of malt, coca-cola and 7up products, you can decide to produce yogurt and package it with the help of this step by step guide on how to make yogurt.

You can also make zobo drink and package it.

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