Information Systems otherwise known as Information Technology (IT)  is the application of computers and Telecommunication equipments for automatic processing of information.  Information and Communication equipments (i.e Telephone, video etc and other Technologies associated with automation.

In recent years, information and communication technologies created enviable channels / platforms in society with the majority of the impact seen on new communication capabilities. For example, people can communicate in real time without any inconvenience, also with others in different countries using technologies such as social networks that incorporate instant messages through ICQ, Yahoo, etc., voice over IP (VoIP) and videoconferencing. such as Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn Facebook allow users across the country, Europe, Asia and around the world to keep in touch and communicate with each other on a regular basis.

ICT is an umbrella term that includes all technologies for manipulation and communication of information.  The term is sometimes used in preference to information technology.  In the common usage, it is often assumed that ICT is synonymous with IT.  It encompasses any medium to record disk/tape, CD/DVD, flash memory etc

Information technologyInformation Technology is the application of computers and Telecommunication equipment for automatic processing of information.

The use of computer + telecommunication equipment + information + technology
=  ICT.

Information and communication technology ICT is generally taken to mean technologies that support communication via computer.  It is worthy that a small version of the Net which is used within an office is called Intranet.Messages sent between buildings, using computers are called Local Area Network (LAN) and messages sent between cities are called Wide Area Network (WAN) while International Network simply put as Net is a global

interconnected network.

Benefits of ICT

The advent of ICT has brought a lot of benefits to business globally in the area of information processing and communication. The following are some of the ICT benefits.

  1. It makes information processing to be more timely, with better surface area and even more cheaper.
  2. Access to information is now cheaper and economically viable
  3. Effective and flexible Human interaction
  4. ICT makes information dissemination more interactive and effective.
  5. Globalization or global village:  ICT has turned the whole world into a global village.  Distance has become irrelevant in business transaction and dealings using e-mail and international World Wide Web.
  6. Innovative ways of interaction and communication using GSM Technology, satellite cable network, video and teleconferencing, etc
  7. It helps keep information reliable and up to date
  8. It enables business and clients to communicate effectively
  9. It allows more effective management of resources

Electronic commerce:

E-commerce is the act of buying and selling of goods and services over the net. Wealth creation and youth empowerment.  ICT have created people who are empowered by their knowledge.


This is the use of computer and communication technology to conduct meeting whereby several participants in the different parts of the world are linked up.  Computer and video system improved professional image.

Apart from the positive impact of computer and telecommunication equipment in our world, they also affect our lives in some ways, which are not beneficial.

They include:

Loss of jobs
: while some people believe that computer is creating jobs, there are those who see the computer as creating unemployment.
Invasion of individual privacy:
Information about the individual on the internet is not totally secure that one begins to wonder whether a person has any right to his privacy any longer.
Crime aid:The types of crimes that are committed with the computer are super crimes i.e Internet crimes and electronic fraud
Database Manipulation: This is a sensitive area where frauds are perpetrated since.  Since it consists most sensitive data of a particular organization e.g. theft of storage medial
Computer fraudThis is the use of computer to perpetrate fraud.  This fraudulent act is on a high scale especially in the financial sector.

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