Beijing time Monday morning, a thought of the side of the game, but let the fans and the media that the wrong stadium. Texans are at home in the Patriots until the game is less than 30 seconds left in the lead, but Brady's last minute pass to the patriots finally hard to Madden 18 Coins win.
After the game, Texas coach O'Brien admired the performance of the team praised: "The whole game we still have a lot of harvest, Watson was very good, our players are doing their best to fight for the game Victory, our performance is worth a victory, but losing is losing, this is the professional game. "For the Patriot quarterback Brady's performance, O'Brien said:" the face of tough defense, he showed Very tenacious, he has always been the most powerful quarterback.
The team quarterback Watson the game came the 301 yards and 2 touchdowns, for the performance of the field, his self-evaluation show the humility of the rookie: "I focus on each file, every pass, effort We are a team, all the efforts to win the game today, we are not good enough in the Red District performance, and finally left Brady too much time.I have received a lot from today's game "For the opposite quarterback, Watson said:" I have been learning from other good quarterback, so that they become stronger.

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