She majored in chemistry and food technology Tinnitec Supplement Review thanks to her fondness for chemistry. The field allowed her to bag an honors degree. Looking for work after graduation took the toll on her. There was simply no work for her the first year she was out of university. There were zero jobs. She looked at the food industry for a job. Whenever she was down, she would wonder why she ever went into this.

She became a trainee manager the next year after leaving her teaching job after deciding that she needs more money if she ever gets accepted in medical school. She retold the time when back then, she delved on the pros and cons and even had talks with different people she knew and they all told her the same thing she will just remain as a simple employee if she chooses to stay with the bank. Medicine offered her the option of having her own business and doing what she wanted.

Medical school welcomed her after two years. The first year, in the usual tradition, was a mixture of fun and learning. She slathered it on herself. She partied once in a while, she is not a bookworm but she studied enough. Her first year was riddled with honors in community health and the distinction of being among the top 10 percent in Physiology. She got so fascinated with community medicine as it enabled her a sense of connection with many people. You gain access into the homes of your patients to know how their lives ran before. She admired the exceptional program.

She initially thought that she wouldn't be bothered emotionally when she cuts up cadavers and she would only get squeamish. However, pathology was a different story. She'd cry for over ten weeks when new deaths came to them and required them to do autopsies. The deaths led to her feeling some emotional loss. A strong background in chemistry follows her love for pharmacology. Chemicals inside the body that interacts and cures diseases was something that she found so amazing. Though it is not usual for her, she goes to the library to read journals. With her award in Pharmacology, everyone got surprised.

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