Backcourt a group of Shane - Gusty Bill partner Ivan - Prokhorov

Backcourt, a group of Shane - Gusty Bill partner Ivan - Prokhorov, the second group is Mike - Matheson partner Mark - Patrick, three groups is Alexander - Petrovic partner Mackenzie - Vega. Benning has been extremely brave recently with 2 goals and 4 assists over the past 8 games, Prokhorov 2 goals and 3 assists, and Gusts Bill has 5 assists, all of which have given the team an offensive and defensive tandem support.

Goalkeeper position, the team will continue to NHL Coins send new aid Peter - Mrazic, the latter six games in the league to get the first three straight, but he lost all three games the recent games, the save rate at 9 Into the following, the game he can bring what kind of state will be the team's key.

Penguin, the team swept away before the big bear with the loss of the Bruins, two overtime victory to regain confidence, despite Crosby's state is not ideal, but Malkin's hand is still hot, plus new The three groups began to gradually recover the feeling, which will make it difficult for the trapeze team to cope.

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