Aura Kingdom Mobile - Behind the cult hit MMORPG mobile voice

X-Legend Entertainment is often a game development company famous Taiwanese products on the net cult like Eden Eternal, Dragomon Slayer, Twin Saga and quite a few recently the revolutionary Aura Kingdom . But only just been announced, but Aura Kingdom Mobile , also called Aura Kingdom: Goddess of Beginning attracted players from the Aura Kingdom Gold for sale depth on the story game and type MMORPG distinct, unmistakable or equated with another products.

Based about the storyline of Aura Kingdom Mobile, gamers will continue to work together to avoid subjects Eidolons ambition insidious Shadow Knight. In particular, a whole new character introduced in Aura Kingdom Gaia, patriarch of Eidolons. Gaia has always stood for the peak from the territory Eidolons, and assumed the role of lord of Cube of Gaia - the midst of world power only in Aura Kingdom is Azuria. So new female character and charm in this will take a task in the entire Aura Kingdom? Perhaps you will only be capable to answer this question as directly included in product experience.

Although manufacturers tend not to disclose much information in regards to the genre of Aura Kingdom Mobile but a majority of features recognizable as Sky Tower, the quest, equip and numerous dungeons to challenge will definitely out and provide you with a great experience. X-Legend affirmed Aura Kingdom Mobile isn't final product inside chain of title Aura Kingdom along with the sequel will be launched for making the fans satisfied. In fact, X-Legend had trouble finding success with all the first mobile game should it hopes Aura Kingdom Mobile will take to meet worthy effort and energy spent.

Show Aura Kingdom Mobile has yet to Aura Kingdom Gold produce on Mobile nevertheless the developers promise will quickly greet golf titles to gamers. All information is going to be GameHub update you read inside shortest time.

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