At the time they were all La Ligas top players

30 years before Guardiola improved the tactical level of Premier League football, Cruyff conquered La Liga in almost the same way. In the player's age, Cruyff learned from Michels how to play the ball when he played for Ajax, and he also became the representative player of FIFA 18 Coins all-around tactics. He brought this kind of football system to Barcelona. The ball control became king and the team had many players who liked to control the ball.

Guardiola recalls, "I remember again when Valencia came to Camp Nou. At the time they were all La Liga's top players. They played well. We decided to play three backs, Komen and I stood before them, I said. , 'This is crazy, they will kill us.' As a result, we won 3-0, and Valencia has no chance. There were many times we did not succeed, but he still told the reason for doing so and helped us Open the mind and tell us many things that other head coaches have never said."

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