As with many racing games, Coffin Dodgers comes into it's element when playing with friends and becomes much more entertaining when utilised as the party game it tries to be. Frustrations and annoyances in single player mode become things to laugh at in multiplayer, RS Gold and you’ll be left with a much more joyful experience. Although not perfect, Coffin Dodgers is a worthwhile purchase for any diehard arcade racing fan, or for anyone who wants to play a silly racing game with friends.

Coffin Dodgers is available digitally on PC.Coffin Dodgers: the bottom lineAbundant gameplay modes and kart customisationTight racing controlsThe humour, story, and charactersSmall and repetitive townbased mapsMostly unavoidable, Cheap RS Gold frequent lockedon weaponsBad music  Do you like to solve a good mystery, following up all leads until you feel you have a good understanding of the events that have occurred? If so, then you will be absolutely gripped by Her Story, the new game by the designer and writer of the innovative Silent Hill: Shattered Memories .

Although, perhaps calling it a game is a little misleading in the conventional sense. There are no levels, no high scores to beat, no enemies to kill. There’s not even a fail state.Essentially an interactive movie where you have to find the scenes by using logical thought, Buy Runescape Gold Her Story is something that you experience rather than play. But when the experience is as thought provoking and absorbing as what’s on display here, who needs gameplay?

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