Just had one more bad Arik air experience, and I have decided that I will never fly Arik again.

The level of arrrogance, incomeptence and mediocrity has risen to an even greater level.

The airline had the tenacity to collect 14K Naira from in excess baggage for my recent lagos to abuja flight, but then took my bags off the plane because of so called safety issues related to the weight of the plane. The excuse was that it was raining as though we do not know that it rains 6 months out of the year in Nigeria.

Upon arrival in Abuja, we were not informed for about one hour, and then we were told to come back the next day to get our bags, and there would be no restitution, just an apology.

Why do Nigerians think that you can screw up and simply say Oga I am sorry.

The next day, up to 30 passengers had to make arrangements to come and pick up their bags at their office, and once again nothing but an apology from Arik.

I am calling on all Nigerians to boycott Arik, and spread the word that we will not accept this poor level of service.

Please share your Arik nightmare stories.

Boycott Arik, lets put them out of business.

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