Apply for Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show Empowering Nigerian Youths With N9,000,000 Grant Each

Proximidia Technologies in partnership with Jeoparkdawis Nigeria Ltd. presents The Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show. The socio-economic emancipatory show will be empowering Nigerian youths with necessary financial help to actualize their entrepreneurial dreams. The game show is also structured to benefit all youths (whether formally educated or not) in Nigeria. 

The Cashless society Reality Game Show in its first season will empower 1000 (one thousand) Nigerian youths with Nine Million Naira (N9,000,000) each to develop their entrepreneurial skills and ventures. It will also provide them with the opportunity to exploit their entrepreneurship skills as it concerns the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show is an edge to the Nigerian economy which will help unemployed youths to develop their entrepreneurial skills with respect to their interest areas in the various sectors of the nation’s economy. This will engage the dormant human capital resources of the country which in turn will increase her Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through their entrepreneurial activities.

Applications are invited from eligible Nigerians to apply for the Cashless society Reality TV Game Show.


Who is Eligible For Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show?

All Nigerian youths from 18 years to 35 years. 

Legal residents from all 36 states in the country.


How to Apply For Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show

All applications must be submitted online through the Official Cashless Society E-mail address at .

Submit your application using the format below:

                                                                                                         10 Ologun Agbaje,

                                                                                                         Victoria Island, 


                                                                                                         8th May, 2018.

The Management, 

Jeoparkdawis Nigeria Ltd,



Having known about the cashless society reality TV game show, and understood its nature and vision, which is to the best of my interest, I ............................, apply to be a participant in this entrepreneurial based TV game show. 

   I believe in the competence of Jeoparkdawis Nigeria Ltd to co-ordinate the cashless society reality TV game show and I promise to put in my best towards the success of the game show if am selected. 

Thanks in anticipation of your favourable response.

Yours Faithfully,

Eke Femi Yusuf,


Aspiring Participant for 

The Cashless Society Reality TV Game Show. 


10 Ologun Agbaje,

Victoria Island, 


8th May, 2018.

with Your Own Address 

REPLACE Eke Femi Yusuf with Your Full Name and 08030XXXXX with your phone number. 

Selected applicants will be communicated after screening exercise.


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