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What if you could encounter yourself with amazing software that would suffice for all your works and you would not be able to jump to different software’s? When you wish to browse the internet, play games, listen to music, watch videos or access email account, you could do so easily with the help of AOL Desktop Gold. This software after being updated is now used for browsing the web and also for accessing the AOL emails. This software is one of a kind and has become the favorite amongst the users.


But the users also have some complaints when they work on this software. The over usage of this software can cause some errors and technical difficulties, making it unable to respond. There are some errors that AOL Desktop Gold encounters with and it is usually shown in the form of display messages or error codes. Sometimes the program can crash down suddenly or frequently stops in between. You can see a black screen or you are taken back to your desktop, while you are working with this software. This type of error usually occurs when you receive a display message, AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working or is not responding. Due to this error, you are not able to load the AOL Desktop gold software. You keep on clicking the Desktop Icon, but nothing happens and the main page of the AOL software doesn’t open. To fix this particular error, you need to implement the given solution provided in this blog.


This type of error can also arise if the software has not been updated to the latest version. Even though AOL Gold automatic update will surely do so without giving you the troubles of the manual update, but you can also check the latest update by going to the official website of AOL Desktop Gold.


How To Resolve The Error Of AOL Desktop Gold Not Working


  • Make sure that there are no recent changes done in your laptop or computer. If done, then you need to restore it back to the previous restoration settings.
  • You also need to disable all the Add-on Modes, as they can also be the reason behind the software not working errors
  • If the above steps do not work, you must take into consideration that Active Scripting, Active X and Java are not blocked by the browser
  • You can also Clean Boot the system once
  • Adjust the IMAP and SMTP setting once
  • If none of the above solutions work, then you can delete the software and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold again in your device.


If even after reinstalling the software, you are still not able to work on it, then you must right away get in touch with the AOL Desktop Gold Live Support 1-855-200-6941 and be rest assured to get a guaranteed fix about the issue.


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