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Just on the holidays, they went to the Palin ditch where clouds are here, the scenery of the original ecology, strange mountain scenery, relatively quiet water, often native animals and plants, is a good place.Dame Parajumpers Jakker

All the harvest of the scene is full of satisfaction, boarded the hill where the rugged place do not have features, are all ancient clouds where people often chant, met or not true, although there are some local experience People built, but the whole mountain still maintained the original landscape and landscape. Found that the top of the waterfall down the river, once the memory of the waterfalls have appeared on television, has never seen the real original ecology, this finally saw the poetry flying down three thousand feet momentum, Although the waterfall here is not as magnificent Parajumpers Jakker as described, it still penetrates the whole body as it stands under the waterfall, listening to the aquatic life that falls from the top of the mountain and can be seen clearly in the sky Of the blue, into the cave near, a Parajumpers Jakker Norge cool water taste spared the whole body, giving a clear release, not only for the people who feel the same line: came here to see this scene really do.Herre Parajumpers Jakker Norge

Just Yishanbangshui in this quiet place to raise a caring heart. Meet the wild monkey in the mountains, surrounded by tourists have come up with the mistakes given to that monkey, there are bananas, apples, biscuits, monkeys like bananas really should be the phrase, the food monkey mama who Or prefer bananas, but they are not picky eaters, Dame Parajumpers Jakker and all food for them to eat. The reason for judging the mother monkey, are because a few monkeys eat Dame Parajumpers Jakker a lot of tourists to food, but do not swallow, full mouth food, probably to the mountain monkey looking for food, happened to meet the goodwill of tourists Give these foods. I saw the clear HERRE Parajumpers Jakker spring in the mountains, so blue and green, the root of the plants that can see the depths of the sky, and the blue sky that can support the head. The most eye-catching is the peach tree in the mountains, blooming flowers reddish the mountains, drunk is worth the temptation.
Dame Parajumpers Jakker
HERRE Parajumpers Jakker

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