After the unmitigated disaster that was Summer Skirmish week one

Each week the team over at Epic Games hosts a list of challenges for Fortnite players to complete in order to gain even more XP and climb up those tier ranks. The goal for each week's challenges is to earn Battle Stars and unlock coveted loot in an effort to share that in-game progress to Cheap Fortnite Items the world and show off to other players.

With Season 5 in full swing and the latest patch now live next week's challenges have been leaked before they go live on Thursday, which gives players a chance to get a jumpstart on what they would need to do for 100% completion.

After the unmitigated disaster that was Summer Skirmish week one, it’s a little surprising that week two was enjoyable at all — let alone one of the most fun esports events of the year so far. But, here we are.So, in advance of Summer Skirmish's third week, let’s take a look back at what worked so well with week two of Epic’s summer Fortnite tournament series.

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