After 3 long days of nice shots, great passes

After 3 long days of nice shots, great passes, and epic saves, the Rocket League World Championship – hosted at the Wiltern Theatre, CA – has finally pulled the handbrake and taken the keys from the ignition. A characteristically hard-fought set of group stage eliminations culminated in some of the most nail-biting Rocket League I’ve ever witnessed, and saw No. 4 seed from the EU Northern Gaming beat Mockit Esports in the final to Rocket League Keys take the title.

For the uninitiated, the Rocket League season has been in progress for the past few months, from league play through to the NA/EU championships in May. The World Championships saw 10 teams (four qualifiers from each regional championship, plus two teams from Oceania) compete for a portion of the total $150,000 prize pool. And as they say each time Rocket League goes professional: this was the largest prize pool and most-watched event in the game’s 2 year history. Not bad, eh?

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