Lesson to be learned…

Idi Dada Amin’s characters…

3rd President of Uganda; Military Dictator 1971 – 1979

Current: Facts…

Land Mass: 241, 000km (square)

Population: 31.7m

Literacy: 73%...

Urban population: 13%

Life expectancy: 52

Religions: Christianity & Islam

Ethnic groups: Baganda, Basogo, Banyankole, Acholi

Inflation: 14.2%

Current account as % of GDP: - 5.5%

Aids flows: $1.7bn

Main Export: Coffee

FDI: $787m

Current: Update

Politics: The return of key exile figure and dissatisfaction with current President Museveni’s policies in the ‘Buganda’ kingdom promise a year of political intrigue for the long –ruling NRM…

Economy: Growth remains robust as coffee and other agricultural exports remain strong performers and construction of new dams and roads keep the domestic economy buzzing…

Lesson to be learned by ‘AFRICAN LEADERS’

…Fortunately and really, really, unfortunately this man is a Descendant of ‘AFRICA’. He was a military general (trained by colonial British army) and he had worked his way through the ranks prior to coup d’état masterminded to overthrown the 2nd & 4th President of Uganda - Milton Obote (hard-drinking tyrant.) David Lamb described ‘Idi Amin’ in a single sentence: “He had a second-grade education and spoke the smatterings of five (5) languages, but handled only his tribal tongue with any degree of fluency.”

He makes it very clear to the nation at his inauguration address: “I am not a politician but a professional soldier.” (Food for thought) He had the qualities that most African’s - ignorant and unsophisticated leaders rather admired. He’s a representative of an ultimate (horror) realistic, mislead, ignorant, and primitive human being. He not only fooled his people, he also fooled the whole world. Soon and too late to found out that he had all the qualities that make a tyrant and dangerous leader, worse in the history of AFRICA’. His animal (human) side instincts were very primitive; his loyalties were very tribal, and his sense of direction was strictly militant.

It’s ok to make fun of the formal, but the true of the matter is that this man (Idi Amin) is not only a buffoon but also a lunatic. He had a spilt personality, used to fool not only his people but the world. (Typical of military rulers) He said all the right things about nationalism, economic development and human right. He should have been a patient in mental home (‘aro’) and not a ‘President’. David Lamb called him “…A single human beast, as playful as a kitten as lethal as a lion, who managed almost single handedly to destroy a nation of 13 million people.”

One of the stupid and ignorant comments made after he broke up with his second wife: “Your experience will be a lesson to all of us men to be careful not to marry ladies in very high position.” – Idi Amin. (Food for thought)

He had the audacity to quote one of his hero’s…”Hitler was right about the Jews, because the Israelis are not working in the interests of the people of the world, and that is why they burned the Israelis alive with gas in the soil of Germany.” – Idi Amin. He’s referring to the same Germans that used to hang Black (Slaves – our ancestors) African servitude even before the holocaust; part of Hitler’s propaganda. See list of notable supporters below;

(Food for thought)

He has a profile that coincides with ‘British protectorate’ mentality… prior to (1960…) the new era. “Divide and rule”…The colonials always preferred to hand-over power to less educated (ignorant) ethnic groups. (Food for thought)

Tragically, the man would not have lasted for a year, only “IF” the ‘East’ and the ‘West’ have care less about their own interest and more about AFRICA in general. (Food for thought)


…Libya helped Amin – to train his army.

…Saudi Arabia promised Amin – $2m in the dying days of his regime.

…PLO – provided personal bodyguards.

…Pakistan and Bangladesh sent professors, doctors, engineers and other professionals…

…Soviet Union gave sophisticated weapons…

…East Germany trained the secret police.

…USA – to their credit and advantage, institute (trade embargo) shortly before Amin regime was toppled…WHY?

(They were the biggest purchasers of Uganda’s ‘Coffee’.)

…Western Companies supplied the country with Petroleum…

…Britain –Uganda’s largest trading partner sold every thing from radio technology to drugs to military uniforms.

List goes on, and on…

“The East, West and all the significance others interests were economic. – Period!

DO YOU BLAME THEM? (Food for thought)

Notable early supporters of his regime…

…Great Britain;


…Apartheid-era (South Africa)

Notable supporters and backers of “Idi Amin Dada”…

…Muammar al-Gaddafi;

…Soviet Union;

…East Germany;


Lesson to be learned…



Premise: “…Africa will make it.” (New Book: The End of certainty) – By Stephen Chan

“…Stephen Chan argues that a new internationalism is emerging as the balance of global economic and political power gradually shifts eastwards… Stephen Chan analyses the consequences of Africa and finds a surge of raw commercial interest posing a critical challenge to the continent’s government and opposition leaders… Stephen Chan argues that Africa, like the United State of Washington and Lincoln, needs to get past its ‘liberation generation’. Yet he is convinced that despite setbacks and mistakes, “Africa will make it...” Source: The Africa Report Magazine

Lesson to be learned…

General Warning:

‘AFRICA’ and not only Uganda , Nigeria, and all other fifty something countries, will remain the region most vulnerable to economic, political, and civil unrest, only if we the ‘PEOPLE’ rise up and support the right candidates (a patriotic – true leader) that’s capable of doing the right thing with vision and sense of direction.

Thank U…

“GOD BLESS NIGERIA” – The Giant of Africa


Peace…Shalom…Salam (ahimsa) advocate

Prince (Arc.) F.K.O.Bakare

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