Although the developing countries are endowed with seize able natural resources, despite its enormous potentials for growth and development, policies and programs over the years failed because of fragmentation of political structures, and allocation of resources for development.

There have been notable successes in Science for development over the past decade but still insufficient follow-through key commitments. What progress has Science made in policies of developing countries over the last decade? Recent decade, the progress of Science has witnessed successive policy development and balance between real need and growth in developed countries while it way round in developing countries. There are notable successes in Science for sustainable development in agricultural policy that reform practices in blending domestic and external expectations, preferences, which has enhanced economic development and technological advancement

There is need to rethink in order to reflect the expected change realities which science and technology policies were formulated to address and recognize the purpose of policy to affect desired objectives, to move developing countries towards more sustainable development and alleviate poverty

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