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There are many spots in Ahmedabad that fill the city with utmost pleasure, enlightenment, and excitement. You can learn so much from different spots of this city of Ahmed Shah. It is the largest city in Gujarat and attracts visitors from different corners.

You can easily find out heritage resorts in Gujarat for your stay once you are in this city. If you have never heard much about this city and the spots it has, then you must go through four of its spots that can surely fill you with excitement and richness.  Below are four spots to acquaint you with newness.

Kankaria Lake: A delightful Spot

Once you are in Ahmedabad, then you should not miss out Kankaria Lake. It is a significant tourist attraction among visitors. The lake was built by Sultan Kutubuddin in the fifteenth century and named it Hauj-e-Kutub or Qutub Hajj. At this spot, the visitors can also experience a stunningly beautiful garden in the middle of a lake. The gorgeous garden is known as Nagina Wadi. You can find people gathered here in a huge number during evenings. The spot has everything from kids play zone, zoo, and water activities and so on. Even the food stalls and different activities add charm to the spot.

Sabarmati Ashram A rich abode

Sabarmati Ashram was one of the residences of great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He lived at this place for nearly twelve years with his wife, Kasturba Gandhi. The ashram now has a museum i. e. Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya. Your visit to this place will not go dry. You will definitely be drenched with enlightenment.

Jama Masjid: An old paragon

Jama Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in Ahmedabad. It was built in year fourteen twenty-four during the span of Ahmed Shah. There are in general fifteen domes and two hundred sixty spires in this superb mosque. You can find a huge number of devotees visiting this spot with utmost devotion and passion. Not just Muslims, but people belonging to different religions visit this spot. You can find a distinct charm in every inch of this spiritual spot.

Akshardham Temple: A rich architecture

Akshardham Temple is one of the great works of architecture and is visited by somewhat 2 million people from around world. This Akshardham temple is devoted to Lord Swaminarayan, who is a father of Swaminarayan faith. The temple was made by nearly nine hundred workers, and it encompasses ninety-three pillars. The temple caters a richly spiritual and artistic ambiance. The prime attraction of Akshardham temple is distinct sandstone that stands straight in the absence of an iron rod. Akshardham temple is a sign of brotherhood and humanity and it gives a classic example of religious density.

So, don’t you feel you should visit Ahmedabad so as to explore these spots along with other places?  Just book rooms in the Gujarat hotels and you are going to find utmost artistic merriment and enjoyment.  After all, every single spot has something beautiful to cater. You can find intense charm and fertility in these places and their architecture.

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