Action Against Hunger Recruitment – Borno | August 2018

Action Against Hunger works to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable communities, through nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy.

Action Against Hunger is recruiting to fill the positions below:

Job Title: Cash Assistant 

Location: Monguno, Borno 

Slots: 6 Openings

Task and Responsibilities

  • Undertake Cash and Voucher interventions at local government level.
  • Work closely with traditional committees to ensure the identification and selection of the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities and provide information to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency during implementation of activities.
  • Collect information and data on food security at LGA level through surveys, assessments and regular post distribution monitoring of beneficiary households.
  • Mobilization and awareness raising about the organization, program objectives and activities to local authorities and the population, and act as a link between the Organization and the beneficiaries at the LGA level.
  • Contribute to the development of project community mobilization strategies for targeting and registration of beneficiaries.
  • Support in the verification of the beneficiaries to ensure the identification and selection of the most vulnerable population is verified before Cash transfer is made.
  • Support the M&E team in analysis of beneficiary data collection through the various tools.

Job Title: Logistics Assistant – Fleet

Location: Monguno, Borno State

Type: Full Time

Task and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the maintenance of all vehicles with the support from the Logistics Officer, Lead Driver and Mechanics.
  • Arrange and facilitate the transportation of goods from field base to other bases.
  • Ensure vehicles are equipped with necessary documents according to the log book. i.e. safety equipment (fire extinguisher, water, spare tyre, first aide Kit) etc.
  • Consolidates the fuel consumption and monitors the current stock and requests refueling purchase in a timely manner.
  • Daily organisation/dispatch of trips by preparing daily movement plan and allocating the drivers accordingly.
  • Planning of vehicle maintenance and service according to Action Against Hunger /Kitlog 3.5V.
  • Plan and request weekly car hire movements, liaise with suppliers and ensure the compliance of rental cars according to Action Against Hunger safety and security standards.
  • Track daily car hire usage in Maiduguri and all sub bases according to approved Agreement Form and submit to Log Manager on weekly basis.
  • Assist with other tasks as assigned.

Job Title: Distribution Assistant

Location: Monguno, Borno

Slots: 3 Openings

Task and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with Distribution Officer to contribute to organizational and sector-wide learning through good quality documentation of lessons learned, best practices, evaluations etc.
  • Assist the Distribution Officer in preparing food distribution and FSL related internal and external reports for AAH and the community, including case studies and success stories.
  • Conduct community meetings to sensitize communities on the organization's program and beneficiary entitlements.
  • Assist and monitor the general running of the FSL activities of AAH within the scope of the project area.
  • In collaboration with the FSL distribution officer, propose and initiate improvements according to the lessons learnt during programming and the findings from assessments conducted in the program period.
  • Collaborate with the community leaders and volunteers for smooth implementation of project activities.
  • Support the team to supervise community promotion and awareness session on all plan activities
  • Plan field movement on a daily to ensure smooth project implementation.
  • Support the integration of behavior change in health and nutrition, WASH activities to promote FSL program sustainability.

Job Title: Sector Manager – FSL

Location: Monguno, Borno State

Type: Full Time

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support the detailed planning and implementation of FSL activities.
  • Identify program implementation modalities that enhance partnership & coordination with government official and local communities, internal integration within sectors and other programs (Nutrition, WASH).
  • Identify areas of cross-program linkages with other Action Against Hunger programs in Borno State.
  • Ensure program quality and adherence to program objectives, including respect of Action Against Hunger technical guidelines, systems, and established deadlines.
  • In close coordination with the field team, reinforce and coordinate regular program monitoring including supervision, review and provide technical assessments, surveys, design and M&E of the FSL component of the project.
  • Development of project procurement and work plans of the FSL component of the program.
  • Compile monthly FSL program technical reports with an overview of activities and contextual updates, and quantitative indicator follow-up and submit to Area Manager for consolidation.
  • Review reports and gauge program progress against logical framework, ensuring compliance with Action Against Hunger internal and donor’s reporting standards.
  • Assist the Area Manager in reviewing FSL program budget and then follow up with support departments to ensure adherence to workplan.
  • Support in follow up on logistics requirements in coordination with the procurement officer and Log manager.

Job Title: Logistics Assistant – Support

Location: Monguno, Borno 

Task and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Logistics Officer in follow-up and support of the receipt, storage, accounting and reporting of all items received as well as operational management of base procurement and warehouse.
  • Archiving of PDs and other logistics documents.
  • Assist in the preparation and supervision of loading, offloading ensuring all documents are duly filled and signed.
  • Ensure collection of quotations and best available prices and quality of the items.
  • Ensure supervision of the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Update the list of equipment on monthly basis and assume a physical check each six months
  • Monitor generator log sheet.
  • Assist in monitoring the application of logistic procedures on base.
  • Participation in defining and improving logistical procedures.
  • Assist in the preparation of external audits.
  • Provide technical support to the team as necessary.

Job Title: Sector Manager – WASH

Location: Damasak, Borno

Job Type: Full Time

Task and Responsibilities

  • Develop and ensure the use of appropriate techniques and materials for hygiene promotion and training (CLTS, PHAST and CHAST).
  • Plan and manage emergency responses; and priorities activities according to humanitarian needs including sustainability needs.
  • Ensure appropriate design, electrification, construction and implementation of WASH hardware according to technical standards, as well as proper maintenance and use of WASH equipments.
  • Assess feasibility of Action Against Hunger technical support and guidance to partner agencies and relevant governmental bodies, specifically the RUWASA.
  • Analyze and develop reports on WASH activities.
  • Participate in the definition of the WASH strategy for Action Against Hunger as well as identification and design of potential new intervention areas.
  • Manage WASH project team in order to ensure good compliance of activities within the objectives of the mission and of proposals - this includes regular visits to the field sites in order to evaluate achievements; to discuss the constraints encountered, the possible solutions and to make recommendations for current and future programs.
  • Participate in external coordination within the WASH sector at the country and state level, as well as national level as required.
  • Collaborate and communicate with Technical and Support Coordinators, Project Managers and other members of Action Against Hunger to ensure the coherence of activities and reports in terms of Action Against Hunger WASH strategy.
  • Report and track the progress of WASH project activities.

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