ACN, CPC: THE DESTRUCTIVEBuhari-Tinubu-and-Onu-360x225.jpg AGENTS OF NIGERIA
By Emmanuel Nicholas
Generally speaking, competition is good when several different persons compete to achieve the same goal. Competition among individuals is as old as the existence of human life. While many people argue that competition holds lots of disadvantages for a society, others consider competition as the driving force of our society. Competition is so natural that it can be found in any creature in the world, from human beings to the simplest animal.
In contrast with the positive effects of competition, the vicious effects are prevalent. These negative forces can cause aggression and distractions. The force that creates new developments, entertainment and technological advancements can be transferred to negative energies. Examples of the negative force are wars among nations. When people try to gain competitive advantage by using aggression, maligning, terrorism and others sneaking methods then they undermine the potentially positive effects of competition.
Constructive and deconstructive forces are all around us, from human interactions to nature. These forces are catalyst for change: some changes happen instantaneously, while others evolve slowly over decades or millions of years. Most notably, in nature, constructive and deconstructive forces change the earth's surface. In human relationships, anger and speech can act as both constructive and deconstructive forces that change the way we feel or interact with others.
Constructive forces are those that build, enhance or enlighten. They are positive forces in nature and human relationships that are responsible for creating change. On the other hand, a destructive force is one that demolishes, breaks apart or lowers. Destructive forces are particularly damaging when it comes to human relationships and interactions.
Speech acts as a constructive and deconstructive force in human relations. Speech is used to build someone up and inflate her confidence, or in a way that is harmful or damaging to a person's self-image. Words are powerful tools that can build someone up or knock them down. Constructive speech is any kind of speech that works toward positive change or maintaining good relations with others. Deconstructive speech is any kind of speech that is negative, hateful or derogatory.
Similar to speech, the expression of anger can also work as a constructive or deconstructive force. Constructive anger is any kind of anger expressed with integrity and objectivity. An expression of anger is constructive when the person expressing it also recognizes the boundaries of the person they are expressing their anger to, without violation of those boundaries. On the opposite end of the spectrum, deconstructive anger is anger that is expressed without boundaries. It is defensive, threatening and without integrity. Deconstructive anger can be expressed both consciously and unconsciously.
A nation as a society forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society and opposing government is not the same thing as being a blackmail machinery because you want to come to power, a good opposition is the one that condemn government policies that are cruel to the existence of the populace and commends the government on quality strides not maligning the government on every issue, whether positive or not they make a protest out of it.
Since the inception of President Jonathan’s administration, the leadership of ACN and CPC have being hunting it polices with actions and words capable of breaking down this forceful amalgamated entity called Nigeria. These they have done by capitalizing on matter arising from diverse government policies and decisions, and the humble and peaceful nature of the Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in blackmailing him regularly.
This they have done as an addicted habit from Ahmed Tinubu, Gen. Buhari, Bisi Akande and Alhaji Lai Mohammed. These are men from the “hall of fame” of character assassination. Instead of being a constructive opposition, they are blackmailers and sponsors of terrorism and violence as long as it dwindles the image of the Jonathan government and that of Peoples Democratic Party.
The subsidy removal protest in Lagos gulped billions of naira in keeping both the area boys and the singing musicians on street, an average music artiste was paid three million naira for their ten minute performance, while any actor or actress, comedian who came up to talk was given two million naira and the area boys and the student were given fifty thousand naira each daily all to rained insult on President Jonathan.
But after the government did not bow to their pressure and goes ahead to implement the policy, trillions of naira has been saved and hundreds of billions recovered from the subsidy thieves. Every month the Federal Government have been distributing these funds to all the States but Ahmad Bola Tinubu and Buhari do not deem it fit to order the State govern by their Parties’ Governors to rejects the funds .
Gen Buhari from the beginning of Jonathan administration promised to make Nigeria ungovernable, it wasn’t long his sponsored insurgents started work, the major point of call was the bombing of the Abuja catholic church, killing hundreds of people, hiding under the name of Boko Haram to “make Nigeria ungovernable project”, a reality.
Alhaji Musa YaraAdua was the man who ordered for the killing of the two thousand three hundred members of Boko Haram, and throughout his three years tenure, the sect was too blind to start fighting but suddenly when Dr Goodluck Jonathan took over they are able to fund the establishment of bomb factories across the northern States and in Lagos, a multi-billion naira pursuit, acquiring brand new automobile for their suicide bombing chase, it does not stop there, as the sect are now proud owner of Helicopter in Borono State, which they use in their operation between the desert ( their hiding place) and upland target .
This was discovered during the kidnapped of the French family, who told BBC that they were ferried with helicopter to where they were kept. Buhari offered himself to be the mediator between government and the terrorist while Ahmad Bola Tinubu vowed that if given a chance he can bring back peace to Nigeria within a week by talking to the sect.
My question is, how is it that these two men know the route of the houses of the much sort after terrorist group? There is nowhere these evil men could know their habitat without being in concert with them. As we are all aware that the tenure of Tinubu was the worst when it came to miscreants’ occupation of Lagos, a time you could be rob in front of the government house in Aluasa, Lagos. The security agents at his gate will only watch the event as a movie without a bid to salvage the victim.
This was because the sitting governor used them to kill, harass and subject opposition to poundings, infusing fears in the land.
Tinubu and Buhari are the major sponsors of Boko Haram sect in the carnage of the innocent Nigerians; so far over ten thousand people have been killed while they are busy calling Jonathan names, saying he is clueless and lack self-will or capability in solving Nigerian problems.
After sluggishly accepting the amnesty policy for the sect, because Tinubu and Buhari were not part of the committee, the insurgents continue to commit genocide in the northern Nigeria and President Jonathan cut short his foreign trip and return to the country. With all round consultation with the security chiefs and the noble elders of the Country, it was resolved that with emergency rule the situation in those affected States will be stall.
Before the president could drop the microphone, the two “Terrorist Political Parties”, who have come together under merger to formed another phantom sect called AP C, issued press Statement to condemn this gallant decision which Jonathan have been applauded from all quarters both locally and internationally as being the best ever decision taken by the president since the beginning of these violence in Nigeria.
Many are still calling on the presidency to implement the emergency rule to it fullness by disposing the elected officers of the affected States of their point of duty, but I believe the President was cautious so that the opposition will not see it as a plot to undo them. In the spirit of fair play, the opinion in some quarters is that the president should enforce the decision to its fullest to make sure the emergency rule brings the intended solution as most of the State governors, house of Assembly members and political appointees could be accomplices of the sects.
These crop of people knowing that the emergency rule will terminate their bid to used terrorist attack in Nigeria as a campaign strategy in 2015 to seized power , the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) described the declaration of a state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States by President Goodluck Jonathan as lacking in original thinking, and therefore asked the National Assembly to reject it. But how can it be, when their hope have been dashed? They thought Jonathan will continue to sit and allow the insurgent killing to continue, which is sponsored by them.
As identified cohorts of the insurgents, they quickly link the emergency rule to 2015 elections, and then who is mindless here? They said in their press Statement that the President’s action is linked to the politics of 2015. “With the three states militarized, there can neither be electioneering campaign nor voting there. We had warned earlier that as 2015 approaches, the Jonathan Administration will increasingly take measures that will make it impossible to hold election in many states. The over militarization of some states in the north, the plan to destabilise the South-west using slush funds from the so-called oil pipeline protection contract and the infantile threats from some Niger Delta militants seem to be part of this plan” Hear them speaking from their anus without taking the thousands of lives that have been sent to their early grave and the only thing on their cruel mind of madness is take over power in 2015.
Can ACN keep shut? What is the problem with these political warlords? Countries in crisis seek solutions. How long will innocent people be killed to create fear and make the government appear ineffective? What is the demand of this brainwashed Boko Haramist that you think all of us as a nation should meet? Is it not glaring enough to see this terrorism is politically motivated? Since ACN joined APC they have been more infected with their religion of hate. Haters just hate even for no reason.
How can the opposition party be against the State of Emergency declared by the President? Must they politicise everything? This shows that they are not different from their counterparts who are self-serving and selfish. They just enjoy dancing around the country’s woes because their opposition is in Power. If Nigeria should disintegrate because of their self-serving nature which country will they rule, can they rule a divided Nigeria? I think they are all drunk? Shame on ACN.I thought we had an opposition party that Nigerians could finally run to, not knowing that they are nothing but a snake under the green grass. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! On ACN.
It's only in Nigeria that being in opposition party means to be a hater and critic of everything the government in power does even when it is good and accepted by almost all the citizens of Nigeria.
Action congress party and its spokesman through their numerous cheap means of scoring credits for themselves has made people to hate them, an opposition party that opposes every policy. If Boko Haram has so far matched our security personnel, then common sense should tell us that they stand a chance at success, we have to upwardly review our security strength and staffing, but their eyes are unashamedly set on the 2015 presidency that they can't recognize a potentially successful policy anymore. Even suggesting that the President was intentionally limiting their sphere of influence in the coming elections and that government should mollycoddle terrorists—laughable and being out of national affairs has turned ACN into a party of chronic whiners, nagging, desperately opposing, relentlessly making jest of themselves.
The party said the short-term solution to the Boko Haram crisis should be a combination of dialogue and a minimal use of force"- Incredible! ACN is proposing "dialogue" and "minimal force" as the short term solution to the Boko haram insurgency? How will ACN "minimal force" fly in the face of a Boko haram that is sacking police stations, local governments, prisons, military barracks, etc, and using heavy weapons like anti-aircraft guns, RPGs, etc? How do we compel a group that has rejected dialogue to accept ACN short term dialogue? Maybe the party know what majority of Nigerian do not know, but God will disgrace them. My respect for this party is gradually dying. It’s becoming very obvious that this party is just a motor park association. I hate insincere people! The president has spoken, so be it... Haters go hug transformer.
CPC on their part on Wednesday accused President Goodluck Jonathan of politically victimising Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States by declaring state of emergency, alleging that the affected states were opposed to the style of leadership by Jonathan, because they did not support his 2011 election ambition. They further alleged that they are afraid if the security agencies will not go out of their way to use this state of emergency as a licence to maim, kill and wipe out communities that the president himself feels is opposed to his political ambition. CPC said the action of soldiers sent by the federal government in these states led to the spate of insurgence experienced in the country, whereby the sect decided to pick up arms against the government. The insecurity was not caused by the so-called Boko Haram, but by the government who were killing people to make them to pick up arms against the government.

Concluding that the Party advised government on June 9, 2009, that government has no option than to dialogue with this people, but that government refused until when it was too late, then government over stepped it bounds by killing innocent people. But were CPC leaders and it members not in Nigeria when Jonathan urged the northern elders to negotiate for peace? Are they mentally derange of the eternal sacrifice of giving amnesty to blood suckers, which many condemned both at home and in international community ?
Nigerians it is crystal clear that CPC and ACN… are the people that are sponsoring insurgency in the country to render the Peoples Democratic Party PDP leadership incapable of leading Nigeria. They are also dead sick that the nation is govern by a minority Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and want him out by all means not minding the genocide their terrorist group commits in Nigeria daily .
It is therefore pertinent to state that if Nigeria is destroyed as a nation, it is ACN… and CPC that responsible, but the blood of innocent Nigerians killed will be upon them and generations of their families.

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