Nothing good has ever come from violence. Certainly, religious intolerance is a phenomenon that has existed for decades, and will continue to exist into the future. Just because one set of beliefs is not equivalent to another does not justify genocide against another faith. The targeting of Christianity or any other set of beliefs, even Islam, is never an appropriate solution to the situations before us. Muslims can claim anger at the constant attempts by Christians to convert them. However, the same can be said of Christians, who are just as frequently petitioned to convert to Islam, in a nation where the majority of people are Muslim. The concept of religious purity in any state is one which is flawed. Nigeria is a modern country, in modern times. It is not against one's faith to tolerate any set of beliefs, be they Christian or anything else. Tolerance is not converting to their beliefs, but allowing them to hold those beliefs without persecution. Certainly, in such an age as today, this is a concept which all Nigerians can hold.

It is sad, if you think of it, that Nigerians are the ones that are using this issue to tear apart their country. Slavery was an era that existed a hundred years ago, and the colonization that followed was theft by foreigners. Literally decades, if not centuries of misery can be attributed to foreigners. But Islam and Christianity are born from the same area of the world- neither is native to Nigeria. They should both have equal rights to exist in your illustrious nation. For a long time Africa has been able to blame the outside world for its problems, and justifiably so. But what is happening today, with Nigerians attacking fellow Nigerians, is wrong. It is wrong because, should any nation or any foreign threat were to appear, Christian would stand beside Muslim and valiantly fight any threat to protect the heart of the nation. Yet, without these foreign threats, what should be a rich, developing nation is tearing itself apart due to intolerance. Intolerance, the same set of beliefs that allowed the Europeans to destroy African culture, is being used today to persecute fellow Nigerians, simply due to beliefs? This is wrong. This is wrong, because the Muslim population is not being threatened; there is no threat against their practice. The Quran states that every Muslim must have a piece of land where he can pray and worship Allah in peace and security, without treat. You have this paradise in Nigeria. Your leaders are Muslim; there is not a single thing that threatens your way of life, in any way. So why is it necessary at this time to scar your nation, to humiliate and degrade the image of your country as some backwards place that is intolerant for no reason? The Christians do not threaten your beliefs, they do not erode your ways of life, and they allow you to practice in the ways you see fit. Why is there a need to create the foundation of religious war and persecution? There is NO need to do this. I truly believe that the profound leadership and wisdom that is naturally inherent in the proud nation of Nigeria, as manifested in its leadership, will guide its citizens to this understanding. I truly believe that religious leaders, be they Christian or Muslim, should, and would stand up condemning such atrocities as being wicked creations of evil: that they have no place in the Nigeria of today, tomorrow, or forevermore. I thank you for your time.

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