A Path of Exile beta test for beastcrafting

Aside from that, I do think this is the bad decision.

With Flashback starting mid-league and today this announcement, feels like you guys followed the "Bestiary sucks" bandwagon meme that began from those who played the league for 24 hours before beastcrafting had even been fixed.

From inception I felt like Bestiary only agreed to be a beta test for beastcrafting as a result of mid-league changes, but hearing you are going to just drop it entirely sounds pretty ridiculous.

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Beastcrafting was like mastercrafting, except less accessible, considerably more complex, and considerably more tedious to micromanage.

Although the reason I love PoE may be the complexity, I for just one am glad that Bestiary will not included in the core package.

The work that went into your bestiary was https://www.mmoah.com/ observable though, this shouldn't put you off of putting similar work with next content.

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