period of past years nigerians are making waves in asia as well as other part of the world. high numbers of nigerians are growing in many part of china but another number is added to the previous celebritys in china and african migrants in china, in southeast part of china the guangzhou city of Guangdong province a Nigerian Born MACANTHONY CHUKWUEMEKA from imo state nigeria has become a known celebrity in cultural and entertainment in Guangzhou and whole of china. the 32years old man has been behind camera and screen to promote the cultures and the arts of africa, populary known as Onowu,said on his interview with GDTV that everyone has its side to shine on his ambition,He explained that even when he cant sing or perfore on camera he can still work from other angles to join the whole art a reality,We made people on the screen and i am so proud to be among the director to show the world what we Africans and Nigerian has.

He was a student of ART in ( institude of management and technology )IMT ENUGU CAMPUS and build the first EASTWOOD recording and editing studio in nigeria before joining his foregine partners in abroad.Today he is the first Nigeria self made dirctor in the whole of china. He organise audition and arrange programmes for the africans and chinese in african culture syposuim, NIGERIAN STARS IN CHINAMEDIAS7 ENTERAINMENT CONCEPT Director General has expanded the african culture through many medias and programs and has won serveal awards in asia and world at large. 

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