The world is continuously being plagued at a geometric rate with the HIV/AIDS virus,despite all that has and is still being done to reduce it's prevalence.The HIV/AIDS issue is one that would take anyone countless days to exhaust in totality.That's why in this write up,emphasis will be on certain areas of concern.

Digressing alil',I was fortunate to team up with like minded peers running a National programme in Nigeria like myself who tirelessly dessiminate to people,especially adolescents in high school(via training sessions),the realities surrounding the deadly virus.In one of our recently held outreach programmes,a visit to women living with HIV/AIDS,I unconsciously saw a pinch of what it really felt to be infected.The visit was to donate tangible items to them,hangout,and share our love.We had the Press at hand to cover the whole event,only to be surprised at the reaction of some of the PLWHA(People Living With HIV/AIDS);they ran away for the cameras,saying they can't stand being showed on TV.A particular lady I talked to said she always sneaked to their meeting venue to get drugs and other valuables they're often given,but keeps it a secret from her boss at work,whom she claimed would not hesitate to throw her out if she knew her health status.Among the issues raised by their coordinator is the fact that some members had after numerous counseling session came to disclose being pregnant.Another innocent victim,the unborn child,you'd say.But,these women despite being adequately informed of the possibility of transferring the virus to the unborn child can't still stop getting pregnant,basically because their husbands are not aware of their health status and keep having sex,and bearing kids.

Why do they keep hiding and undelibrately spreading the virus we might ask,but the answer in one word is 'STIGMATIZATION'-fear of being discriminated,fear of losing loved ones,friends,their careers and a load of other things.There is more to lose by talking than by keeping quite.The world's battle against HIV/AIDS is counter-attacked by other issues apart from the virus itself.Issues like politics,greed,wrong problem-solving approach,media,vengeance,distorted information,traditional practices and belief systems,in a nutshell,culture. At this point,whether you're infected or not,let's all sit,brain-storm,strategize,and work towards a more lasting solution to this life threating disease.

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