It hurts deep down
Loving but not being loved.

I glanced at the empty crown
Which I kept solely for you
To keep this love new-
And fresh like the morning dew.

I am addicted to my cell phone
Just to reach for your love
Which you never returned-
As I hear my voice come back to me
Like a rejected echo with no response.

I stayed cuddled in hallucination
Dreaming about a day out-
Which you never embraced.
But like a waste being trashed-
Every word, every moment
Seems to find its way in the trash can.

I have written letters,
And have carved lovely poems
In anticipation of your acceptance,
But this love you never returned-
My words you never replied.

I thought I could share-
This part of me with you.
I thought my dreams will stay with you
And your arms a resting place,
All along I was wrong-
Singing my self a consoling song.

A lone ranger, that’s who I am,
Still I yearn for a companion in you
To hold hands with on the path of love,
I swallowed my pride-dreaming you as my bride.
Still I thread alone, you never cared!

When the bell of love tolls,
My heart tingles searching for that affection.
When lovers sit and watch the ships sail home
How unfortunate I was without you close to me.
I have tried and tired of trying
Loosing touch with other female friends
Just for this love I have for you-
Which you never for once replied.
I guess you mean I must move on!

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Comment by Vivia Brown on January 15, 2010 at 11:06am
this is really great
Comment by Ugwunwa on January 13, 2010 at 11:26am
Whoa, dis is so touching

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