A bird in hand is worth more than two in the bushes

Hmmmm.......another day at this blasted job, been here for 10 years and still feel there is more to me than this, i gues i should be grateful for atleast being in a job, there are so many people out there looking for this opprtunity. Am I being ungrateful or just ambitious? I yearn for that day i can call my manager and say that word thats always lurking around my tongue for the past 10 years " sir, thats it, thats all". My mates are all going back to Nigeria to seek greener pastures whilst i hang on to the little hope i have here........seriously i have seen it all, i only thought politics and favourtism takes place in Africa, my word  how  i am so wrong!! anwyays  yet i continue to strive with hope that one day i will have the courage till then ..............A luta continua!!!

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Comment by STEPHANIE HUMTAPWA on August 25, 2011 at 3:16pm

If u feel there is more 2 u then trust me there is & d courage is there just waitin 4 d right time wen 'U' are ready..........all d best anyway till u head back 2 nigeria


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