9 Inexpensive Road trip Destinations For College Students

The US is full of fantastic road trips. Here are none of the most beautiful, so that for just a few hours you can be transported up and away from this life we’re living.

The US is just perfect for road trips and university time is the best time in your life to take them. For that reason, if you’re in college in the US it would be criminal if you didn’t at least go on one road trip.

So where can you go?

Well, that really depends on where you’re at, of course, but nearly anywhere in the US, there is somewhere nearby that’s both beautiful and not necessarily that expensive. Here we’ve selected some of the best ideas so that all you’ve got to do is pick and choose (and get gas, have a car, load up on supplies and find some friends to come along with you of course).

So here are some of the best choices I could find – all filled up with beautiful scenery that will stun even your most jaded friend (as if you have the right to be jaded at university!). So sit back, read on and find the route that will take you away and out from the mundane and into the fantastic. 

Overseas Highway, Florida

Have you seen the keys? Did you know you can drive there? If you take route 1 from Key largo, you can drive all the way down to Key West across a couple of dozen bridges that literally span seas.

Okay, sure. The first part of the route isn’t that exciting, but once you get sea-born (okay, you’re not actually in the sea, you’re driving over a bunch of bridges) man is the route beautiful! The sea is a wonderful turquoise, the islands are beautiful and sometimes you’ll see some of the original railroads that were originally built to span these gaps.

In case you have no idea what to expect, check out the movie True Lies. Some scenes from it are set on this road. Of course, you can also decide to just check online. But why do things easy when there’s a hard way?

Route 12, Utah

Okay, I might be biased, but this has to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world. It runs for 124 miles at an altitude of 9000 feet. It goes through forested mountains as well as the stunning bald mountains in Boulder. If you’ve got the dough, make sure you have something to eat over at Hell’s Backbone Grill.

After that, the road will turn even more beautiful (and a little scary) as it follows    a narrow ridge along the red canyons of Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Pacific Coast Highway — Route 1

This stretch of road is phenomenally beautiful, all the way from Canada to Santa Barbara, California. On the one side you’ll have ocean, on the other you’ll have mountains. Make sure that you actually take Route 1. You can take the Pacific Coast Highway, which is only 123 miles, but it isn’t half as pretty.

Route one winds and weaves along the coast. The 17-Mile Drive has to check out. It goes across California’s Monterey Peninsula from Pacific Grove to Carmel. It passed the famous Pebble Beach golf community and north of San Francisco. Make sure you don’t miss Mendocino and Eureka either, as they’re equally beautiful

Route 6 — Cape Cod, Mass.

You want to road trip and you’re near Massachusetts? Then you’ve got to check out the 117-mile route that wends and winds its way through Cape Cod. If you do, you’ll get to experience some amazing forest, some saltbox homes, and even colonial villages. But wait, there’s more! There are tidal ponds and Provincetown harbor.

What you’ve absolutely go to do is catch the sand dunes and the beaches. Oh yes, and it goes without saying that you’ve got to eat at the Lobster Pot in Provincetown.

Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

New Hampshire also has plenty of places to go. For example, try the 34.5-mile scenic drive along Route 112. This runs through Northern New Hampshire and gives you some fantastic views of the forest, plants and the great deal more of God’s green earth. That’s probably why it has been designated an American Scenic Byway.

The High Road to Taos, N.M.

This road follows several routes as it runs between former Spanish colonies Santa Fe and Taos. Why should you drive this road? Well, largely because of the Indian villages, the artistic colonies you’ll see along the way, the deserts and – most definitely – the wildflower meadows.

It’s very easy to get lost out here and forgot the world outside. Don’t get lost too long, though. You’ve still got course work to do! Of course, if you can’t get it done, just use a writing service like essay solutions. Yeah, it’s not exactly right, but it’s a road trip, damn it!

Tail of the Dragon — Tennessee/North Carolina

Want a slightly harder road? Then pick the Tail of the dragon. It’s famous for being exciting and a handful. Though it’s only 11 miles, it will feel like a lifetime as you wind through the sharp curves and tight corners. It’s perfect for a motorcycle or a sports car.

One thing: Don’t pay too much attention to the scenery, otherwise chances are good that you’ll find yourself sitting on it.

Interesting point: It was used in The Fugitive, where Harison Ford jumps off the dam that you’ll see by the side of the road. Just so you can say ‘hey, there it is!’ as you miss the turn and head out into the under bush. 

Beartooth Highway — Montana and Wyoming

If you like high places, then take out the U.S. 212, which at its highest point reaches nearly 11,000 feet. It runs from the northern entrance of Yellowstone near Cooke City to Red Lodge, Mont. through the Absaroka-Beartooth National Wilderness. And according to Charles Kuralt, it is the most beautiful highway in America.

Highway 2, Nebraska

This highway isn’t actually a highway all the way. It has a big old gap in the middle. The western segment begins at the South Dakota border northwest of Crawford and ends southeast of Grand Island at an intersection with Interstate 80. The eastern segment begins in Lincoln, Neb. and ends at the Iowa border at Nebraska City. Both sides are fantastic (as is the bit in the middle) so try to get them both. Sure, that means you’re driving 200 miles, but it is worth it!

There are dramatic sand hills, you’ll see some fantastic remote countryside, marshes, and wetlands. There are even a couple of rivers!

Last words

Yes, sure. Road trips are about the people you’re with. That said, if the view is absolutely horrible then you’ve got to entertain each other all that time (or stare at your cell phones all the while) and that can become a drag quickly indeed.

For that reason, I’ve chosen a group of road trips with spectacular views. In this way, you can just keep on driving. What’s more, when that friend of a friend starts yet another political conversation (haven’t we had enough of those?) You can just dreamily stare out at the scenery and ignore him.

Then, next time, when you go and see the next location that I’ve outlined here, you can ‘forget’ to take him along and enjoy the vistas without somebody aimlessly nattering in your ear. 

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