83+ Sweetest Romantic Love Messages Just For Her Or Him

Even the sun can’t visit the earth but sends its ray.
The clouds can’t come to the river but send the rain.

You scare me the way you look into my eyes.
You scare me the way you say ‘I Love You.’
The way you scare me makes me love you more.

Let me be that tear that will conceive in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips.
I want to be all that matters to you.

Your love is heaven. I’ve never imagined such magic of love could happen on earth.
I never believed I would be in love until you showed up in my life.

I can’t be with you right now, but I’m sending my love to you.

Aside from needing food, water, and air, I need your love and care daily.
I feel like the best fortunate man in the world to have your love. You make every day of my life worth reliving.

My love for you revolves on:
Understanding, a pure heart to care, and someone special to share the rest of my life with, the thought of you make me happy. You are all I need.

Love trust me, Your love is a flame that has consumed my heart. I will last till eternity. Even when candles and woods, melt and burn away, I will always love you from my heart.

I will send you a smile that will last forever.
My love for you will last until the end of time because you captured my heart and you are the best lover that I couldn’t find all these while.

Honey me, My love for you is not a responsibility; it is an activity that I plan to do for the rest of my life.
My love for you is not a game, and I won’t play with your heart.
I that have felt true love call you my love.

My heart beats for you at all time.
All I want is a world which has a sweet feeling of love.
I want to spend the rest of my life, loving you, baby.

Call me selfish, but I’ll still want you to be mine even if loving you becomes a crime.
I want you in my life because ever since you came into my life, I have tasted how sweet being in love can be, I love you.

Every one of your words,
Every of your touch,
Each time you kiss me.
All these makes my soul burn and yearn for you even more.

Like the petals dripping with the morning dew, you blow my mind.
Like the pure joy in every season, you glow to my admiration.
Nothing compares to your beauty. I love you.

You will remain the love of my life.
I feel blessed for having found you, and I promise to love and cherish you every moment of my life. You remind me of the good things in my life.

My beautiful, wonderful Sweetheart, I will give you all my love because you mean the world to me and I am ready to love you forever.

There are times you make me happy, and there are times I feel like the relationship is crashing,
But whatever time it is, I will always love you, and I know deep down me that I will love you till eternity.

I can’t stop loving you, my dear.
This because you and no one else deserves my love.
It’s just too precious for someone aside from you.

My queen our love was ordained.
That’s why I + You is equal to blessing.
You are the best. trust me when I say this

My angel my all, don’t promise me another thing.
You’ve already fulfilled the promise you never made (being my everything).

Love isn’t about your money, body or connections.
It’s about finding that missing part of you.
I just found mine in you.

Let’s teach the world how to love.
You gave me the most expensive gift.
Giving me love was everything I need and more.

I wish I can hold you by my side, right now and let you feel how my heart beats for your love.
You will always be that particular thing anyone would love to have in their life.

I will be yours until the end of time because my love for you will never waiver or dwindle.
You rule my heart, my soul, and my whole being is yours.

I love You, my Sweetheart.

The love my heart feels for you is more than I can explain.
It grows intense with every passing moment we spend together.
I love you now and until my last breath.

My love for you is magical. Giving you my affection and care is a duty I will gladly do because you the thought of you warms my heart.
I love you with all of my heart.

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