6 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

I know that you spend a lot of time researching the best hacks and ideas from experts so you can optimize your blog. And, yes, you should be doing it for sure.

But, sometimes, it is the very simple and basic tips that might make a difference. It might be the case when we get so caught up in the latest trend, and Google is saying about SEO that we don’t see obvious details that might be harming our traffic and conversions.

Thinking about it, I have written down for you some of the most ridiculously useful tips that every blogger should know, so you can check if you are missing anything.

# 1 - You must have an About Me page

It is not just your posts that should be on your blog. You should also include an About Me page. Your followers will want to know who is the person behind the stories, and what qualifies you as an authoritative source.

It can also be a way to showcase your portfolio and work on your personal brand. And it can be very useful if you decide to look for guest blogging or for gigs as a freelancer.

But if you are unsure of how to write your About Me page, here are some useful resources for you:

  • The Webby Awards: have a look at the winners of category About Me of The Webby Awards, one of the most reputable awards for web pages
  • Up to work: hire a freelance copywriter to do the job for you.

# 2 – Reorganize your categories and tags so people can find your content

When you started blogging, you probably weren’t very sure about how far you would get. And, because of it, your content might have got a bit messy. If it sounds familiar, it is time for you to have a look at your categories and tags and see if they need a makeover of some kind.

You might also realize that the situation is so bad that you might need to create a new menu bar. If so, just get it done as soon as possible, as people might be leaving your blog much earlier just because they can’t find anything there. And talking about finding anything, read the next topic.

# 3 – Check if your search bar really work

One thing that you might realize is that your search bar doesn’t really search anything anymore. If you started on a budget, you probably got the first free plugin you found and added it to your template. And it might have worked for a while, but are you sure that it still does?

Plus, have a look at which kind of results your followers are getting from it. It is amazing how many results might point out to external links, listing posts from other blogs and not yours. So make sure that it isn’t happening to your blog.

# 4 – Create an editorial calendar to avoid repetitive content

Many bloggers write out of inspiration without planning anything in advance. And while it can work for some time, eventually, you will have no clue about which topics you have covered or not. If you have some troubles with content creation you may check helpful websites.  And might end up write again about the same subject, and even plagiarizing yourself.

Needless to say how disappointed your audience will be when they notice that you have posted more about the same. They might just join another mailing list or newsletter that can provide fresh content to them.

The best way to avoid it is by creating an editorial calendar, where you can write topics, publication dates, goals, visual resources, and links included, just to name a few useful information. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy: a spreadsheet can be all that you need here.

# 5 – Search social media for new ideas

Eventually, you will run out of topic ideas. Or you might just not be inspired at a certain day, but there is a newsletter to be sent with your new posts. If so, it is time for you to make the most of the social media networks. They are full of fresh subjects every day, right there for you to grab for free.

And don’t be limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Have a look at Reddit and Quora as they are some of the best online resources for those looking for great content. You can search them by topic, or write your own question directly to your target audience, a perfect way to create content that they will love.

# 6 – Answer your comments

Well, you want to be a blogger, so you should know that it comes with a price. Both your blog’s comment box and your social media accounts are a two-way thing. You post whatever you think, and your readers tell you if they agree with you or not.

And even if you completely disagree with their opinions, you must act as a grown-up and answer their questions. If nothing else, you should thank them for taking the time to thank them for reading your posts.

Of course, if anybody gets offensive, you have the right to delete the comment. But, you should refrain yourself from deleting messages just because they said that you are wrong – and you certainly shouldn’t curse them back. A mature reply will show to your followers that you can stand your ground, and it will increase their engagement towards you.




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