5 hilarious stories involving footballers and FIFA

EA Sports’ TIMORE is one of the best football simulations of all time. The game's popularity, however , is not confined to religious football fans and gamers. fut 18 coins For various reasons, the franchise is very popular among professional soccer players as well. They usually have a competitive personality and they often find themselves playing FIFA with their “mates” after long hours of training.

However , sometimes they take the game a little too seriously and often manage to make the headlines. Here are some of the hilarious stories involving footballers and FIFA:

five. Leyton Orient

The power video games have over people was brought into the spotlight when Leyton Orient banned their players from enjoying FIFA. buy fut 18 coins The actual League One team were on the top of the table and had won the first eight matches of the season. Given that the club had not won a single match since the release of the game, the club staff believed that the game was responsible for their poor performance and banned their players from playing the game.

However , once the ban came into place, Orient managed to beat Coventry City by winning 4-2 on penalties. After they picked up, the management decided to lift the ban and said that players could only play FIFA in their own free time away from the training ground. They’re also banned from actively playing FIFA games during matchdays. http://www.fifa-coin.com

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