The Main Disadvantages of Distance Learning Nowadays distance learning is becoming more and more common among those who are going into self-improvement or getting a higher education all over the worl…

The Main Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Nowadays distance learning is becoming more and more common among those who are going into self-improvement or getting a higher education all over the world. An opportunity to combine studies and work, or spending more time with family seems attractive. That is why a lot of people find this type of learning very convenient. On the other hand, this way of studying has some big cons.

This article will introduce you to distance learning and will walk you through its main disadvantages.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the subject in question.

Basically, it is a way of cooperation between teachers and students at a distance. It has the same components as the usual studying, including methods, aims, organizational forms and even means of teaching (textbooks, manuals, illustrations and so on). This is possible with the help of modern technology and still keeps the lessons interactive.

There are three main types of distance studying.

  1. Conferencing.

This type is great for those who want to pursue the second higher education or take some additional courses. The course is taken via E-mails. The subscribers get links and take up classes on their own.

  1. Web-lessons.

In such a way you can participate in seminars, labs, practices and other types of lessons. It has an opportunity to study alone, with groupmates, or with a teacher.

  1. Chat-lessons.

Lessons are held in so-called chat-rooms that allows everyone to have simultaneous access to the materials (teacher and a group).


Now, as we already know about what distance learning is and its types and talk about its main disadvantages. According to some surveys among students all over the world here are the top 5 cons:

  1. Lack of eye-to-eye communication.

Some distance learning programs don’t have an opportunity to see each other on their platforms. There is just an option for audio communication. Usually, this results in misunderstanding and a lot of time gets wasted on unnecessary explanations than on actual studying.

  1. Technical equipment.

A lot of students complain that they really want to take some online courses, but they can’t because they don’t have constant access to the Internet and decent devices and technology to start with.

  1. Lack of practical lessons.

Practical lessons are much harder to have online. That is why teachers tend to ignore those giving only the theory to the students. As a result, the statistics show that distance learning is not as half efficient as offline education.

  1. Cheating.

Of course, even distance learning presupposes passing exams and writing control papers. However, usually, students write them offline. In such a way, teachers can’t surely define and control students’ knowledge. And that is a real problem. Students who don’t want to disappoint their teacher or get better results will cheat and use the Internet or other recourses to get better marks.

  1. Motivation.

And finally, the main problem that students face is self-motivation. It has to be strong in order to control yourself and not to give up. The statistics of those, who left studies behind while getting distance education is much worse than of those who study offline. So, if you want to succeed and get you final certificate or degree you have to be determined and self-motivated from the very beginning.


Of course, except for a lot of disadvantages, there are still tons of good points. So, if you firmly decide to try out online learning, here is a tip: ask some students who are already taking up the program about the process, materials and how they get support and help from professors. Also, make sure that you are aware of any other difficulties that you may face during the studying process.


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