How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria – For so many, applying for Turkey student visa is a bit challenging. But, the truth of the matter …

How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria – For so many, applying for Turkey student visa is a bit challenging. But, the truth of the matter is that getting a Turkey student Visa from Nigeria is easy and does not actually require a whole lot to do. This article will simply solve that issue. Just read through and do all that will be required of you and that’s all.

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I recently wrote an article on How To Apply For Poland Student Visa From Nigeria You are a Nigerian, you can also read it too. So for those who want to study and further their Education or study in Turkey, this article is just for you. You right at the every right place to get all your questions answered. This article does not centre alone on How to Apply for Turkey Student Visa from Nigeria but still can be very useful and instrumental for those who are looking for Turkey visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. If you are looking for how much is Turkey visa, Turkey visa agent in Nigeria, Turkish embassy visa requirements and download Turkish visa application form, this article will answer all of that question. The purpose for this article is to show you the easy steps on How to Apply for Turkey Student Visa from Nigeria and trust me, it’s all you need. Whatever i will be showing to you, will be the exact thing i have mailed to my clients and it has turned out to have helped vertically everyone i have sent it to

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Study In Turkey Overview

One time i had a heated argument with a friend of mine who felt there was a hype about schooling in Turkey. But today he has confirmed that there was not really an over hyping  bgut of a fact Turkey remains one of the best places of study in the world. Today my friend school in Turkey via the help i rendered him and that exactly is what i want to show you. Turkey is part of Asia and Europe and this leaves Turkey with a remarkably wide climatic and geographical variations. My friend told me recently that the quality of the education and teaching staff you find at Turkish Universities offers a potential student a world of opportunities that will grant them the skills they will need for a global world. No doubt that every bit of Degrees that will be granted by Turkish Universities are recognized around the world.

How to Get A Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria

Going to Turkey is not a problem, but there must be a reason you want to go to Turkey because this will determine the kind of Visa you will e applying for. For example, there are various kinds of visa application. For those who wants to go to Turkey for longer than 90 days, or if you plan to work or study in Turkey, you will need various kinds of visa for such an application.

Let me break something down for you. Talking about Turkish visas, we are either talking about a single-entry (tek giris) or multiple-entry (muteaddit giris). Tourist visas and border visas (the visas many nationalities can be obtained at their points of entry) which are typically valid for a single entry. But a Work and student visas, however, stands a probability to cover multiple entries.

Now that you have been briefed about these two broad categories, it should be noted that visas are usually granted to cover specific activities. Visa for To apply for a Turkey student visa in Nigeria, is quite different from applying for a working visas. If you are applying for the former, you will need to submit the appropriate visa application to a Turkish embassy or consulate. We will give the contact address of the Turkey embassy in Nigeria.

How To Apply For Turkey Student Visa From Nigeria

In applying for a Turkish student visa, applicants will be permitted to apply for the Turkish visa after they enroll in a Turkish university, school, or language class which is recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education. This means that, when applying for a Turkish Visa, applicants are expected to obtain a letter from your school proving your enrollment (this replaces the letter of invitation or employment).

After you must have been accepted and must have arrived Turkey, the first point of duty is to register with the Foreigner´s Branch of your local police department within 30 days. When this registration is done, the officials will issue you a residence permit.

The good thing about the residence permit and student visa is to allow you an unlimited number of exits and entries as long as these documents are valid (usually around a year). It is very important to ensure you renew your visa and permit before they expire else you will blame yourself or otherwise, you risk illegal residence issues.

Turkey Student Visa Required Documents

Applying for a Turkey student visa, there are some documents that are needed which you will be required to present apply for a Turkey student Visa. Please note that these documents are very much important that a single lie or smartness you play could end the whole process. Every single document must be valid and there should not be overlapping documents so that you don’t end up having an issue. The documents are as follows.

  1. An online application form. You must fill and sign it correctly.
  2. Original and photocopy of passport (must be at least 6 months valid after the date of application).
  3. A 50x60mm passport photo on white background attached to the application form but you should not staple it.
  4. Flight booking with confirmed dates. You should not pay for flight fee until the consular approve your visa application.
  5. Proof of accommodation in Turkey. Hotel booking or any other accommodation.
  6. Bank statement for the past six of the applicant or applicant’s sponsor. This is to be sure you can cater for yourself financially.
  7. Letter from sponsor bearing his/her financial means and stating that he/she will be responsible for applicants’ expenses (if being sponsored).
  8. An acceptance letter from the Turkish University or school or language course certified by the Ministry of Education.
  9. It is better for you to place your appointment at least eight weeks before your intended travel date.

How To Apply For Greece Student Visa From Nigeria

You should not book appointment more than once in a month.


Embassy of Turkey, Abuja


5, Amazon Street, (Minister’s Hill),


This is all you need to know about How to Apply for Turkey Student Visa from Nigeria

Thank you for reading

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