Love is a master key

It is a balm that heals the wounded

In relationship

The ointment that mends broken heart

And smoothens the rough edge of life

It is the sparks that brings light, sunshine

And joy in a dark and gloomy world

Without love human life will be dwarfed

Cheerless and hopeless

Love unite a total stranger to a soul mate

The universe language use by all

The preeminence of the foundation of the world

In which all other things were form

Love a charm that captivate both young and old

With its feeling so intense and unbreakable

The power of love cannot be quantify

To anything that has ever existed

God invented it and He did not mind

If we as His creatures borrowed the idea

These love is so encompassing

That it cross across race, color, ethnicity

Religious affiliation and distance

That is so expanse in length and distance

What a Love

What a gift to mankind

What a feeling so awesome in explainable

What an affection a sense of belonging

What do you feel? Are you feeling it

Deep down there right there in heart

The power of love

Can make you go the extra mile

With love you can climb the highest mountain

Can make you do beyond the ordinary

With love you come alive discovering the real you

Can make you swim and dive into the deepest seas

With love you do funny things

How will this world be without “Love”

Make sure is Love not Lust...Marriage Success

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