30 must-have things for NYSC orientation camp

Arogbonlo Israel

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp for Batch B stream II is right at the corner, and it is expedient for every prospective corps member to have foreknowledge of these must-have things before, during and after camp.

As a prospective corps member, you might have heard or read so many things from various sources in regards to what you should do when going to camp or while in camp. Here is a detailed information on all you need to know.

However, we have compiled the following 30 things deemed necessary for your camp and it will be good you take note of them very well. Here are the important things you must take to camp as a prospective corps member:

1. NYSC call-up letter: Your call up letter is the first most important thing you must not forget when you are packing for the orientation camp. Take with you both the original copy and the photocopies you made. It is the only evidence that signifies that you are a real and prospective corps member. And that you are not there impersonating someone else. Also, do not laminate your call up letter to avoid any embarrassment.

2. School Identity Card: Also, you should take with you, your school identity card. Take with you the original copy and also make photocopies. It will be the proof you will present at the camp to show that you graduated from the institution that is indicated on your certificate.

3. Statements of Result or Certificates: You are to take with you the original copy and six photocopies of your statement of your result/certificate of the course you studied. If you are a medical graduate/optometrist/pharmacist, you are to take with you the evidence of completion of internship or housemanship and the original copy of your registration certificate with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria/ Optometrist Registration Council/ Pharmacist Board.

4. Medical Certificate of fitness: You must obtain a medical certificate to show your current health status at the camp from an approved government or military hospital.

5. Recent Passport Photographs: The passport  photographs should be on red background and must not be squeezed. Ensure you put them inside an envelope to avoid being stained or misplaced easily.

6. Stationery such as cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous form paper among others

7. Disinfectants

8. Bed spread

9. Whites tennis shoes & socks

10. White T-shirts & Shorts

11. Toilet Paper & Towel

12. Shower Caps

13. Detergent & Bar Soap

14. Perfumes/ body spray

15. Buckets & Bailer

16. Body Cream & Lotion

17. Sanitary Pads & Tampons

18. Rubber slippers/flip flops

19. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Bath soap & Sponge

20. Mosquito nets/mosquito repellant

21. Power-bank

22. Torch lights

23. Combs, hair needs, Makeup & accessories

24. Waist pouch

25. Handkerchiefs/face towels

26. Food flasks, cups, drinking flasks & cutlery

27. Padlocks and keys

28. Books, newspapers or magazines 

29. Phone charger

30. You must have enough cash.

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