10 Super Effective Tools for Career Success and Leadership Potential

What is career and leadership for us these days? For each of us it has different meaning. In fact, people tend to differentiate leadership potential by gender.

Men and women are different in many ways, and we should never neglect that fact. Men have higher brain volumes than women; many studies have showed that. However, scientists had a hard time showing exactly what parts of the brain were more voluminous.

In a recent study led by psychologist Stuart Ritchie, the data showed that, on average, women’s cortices were significantly thicker when compared to those of men. Thicker cortices mean better performance on cognitive and general intelligence tests. The study showed that men had 14 regions with higher brain volume, while women’s brains had higher volume in 10 regions. All in all, men or women, we live in a modern world and are professionally equal.

Where does leadership come in? Different people have a different style of communication, approach, leadership, and decision making. Different does not mean worse.

We know that most people can be extraordinary leaders. When you decide to climb that career ladder, you’re not trying to beat men to the finish line. Talent is the main aspect of competitive advantage.

We can find ways to do more things at the same time, and our performance doesn’t suffer the consequences. If you have that ability, you can reach higher leadership potential. We’ll suggest 10 effective tools to support you on that mission.

1. Coursera

Education is your most powerful secret weapon. Since you’re such a great multitasker, you can fit online learning somewhere in your busy schedule. Coursera offers great courses for personal and professional development. Pick your first one and start learning!

2. BrandYourself

Self-promotion is all about making yourself fit for better career opportunities. BrandYourself is a tool that will support your personal branding process. It helps you develop a strong online presence by suppressing negative results and highlighting the positive information when someone Googles your name.

3. LinkedIn

Did you know that most leaders spend more time doing and less time networking? That’s not a good thing. Networking is crucial for success. Start improving that LinkedIn profile!

Your connections show your ability to communicate and maintain professional relationships. If you start posting blog post on LinkedIn’s platform, you’ll give away an impression of professionalism and authority.

4. Essay Geeks

Blogging? You might not have enough time for that, no matter how great you are at multitasking. However, a blog is still important for showing and improving your influence. Essay Geeks is a writing service that will help you reach that goal.

You’ll plan the topics and the arguments, but a professional writer will give shape to your ideas.

5. Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Women tend to have more twists and turns along the career path when compared to men. Planning can make things much easier for you.

This Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet lets you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll plan how to eliminate the threats and grab the opportunities.

6. WISE Profile

WISE stands for Women’s Inventory for Successful Empowerment. It’s an evidence-based system that measures the most important career and leadership success factors of specifically women-leaders. What are those? Lifelong learning, self-awareness, communication skills, risk-taking capacity, and the ability to build strong relationship.

7. Toastmasters

Learning by doing? That’s the biggest strength. Toastmasters is a service that supports such learning. It’s a nonprofit educational organization with clubs on a global level. By being part in various activities, its members boost their leadership, communication, and public speaking skills.

8. Leaders’ Journal: 40 Days of Self-Coaching

This book gives you 40 days of inspiring cases and stories, and 40 practical ideas and tools you can implement in your own journey. It’s also a self-coaching journal, which gives you space to note down your own ideas and keep a record of your growth.

9. The Maxwell Leadership Assessment

You already know where the first steps towards leadership growth start: assessment. This leadership assessment program will measure 64 attributes at different levels: position, production, permission, pinnacle, and people development. The results will help you understand and improve your leadership style.

10. Fishbone Cause and Effect Diagram

When you have too many things on your mind, it’s hard to organize the entire list of current issues without getting lost among them.

This diagram helps you create a big picture of a project and focus on the causes instead of the symptoms of an issue. You can use it to organize teamwork, but it’s also great for self-assessment and personal development.


Maybe it’s time for us to stop being so competitive in the long run for career success and focus on what we do best: our jobs. What we should do is keep proving our worth and do what we do best at the same time: work. The tools above were meant to help us progress. How well are you using them?

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