10 fun things to do on a long bus ride

Arogbonlo Israel

Are you always bored while on a long bus ride, or even a lengthy plane or train journey?

Yes! We got you covered with some creative ideas that can make your journey so smooth and less cumbersome. 

It will interest you to note that there are 1001 ways to spend your time, and making it a funfair rather than warfare.

Here are some things you can do while bored on a long bus ride or a lengthy plane or train journey:

1. Write

Write in your journal about your experience. You might also craft a poem or song about the destination, pen a blog post, jot down your feelings about what you’re seeing, create a fictional story based on a scene outside your window, make the locals on the bus into characters in a play or just use your creativity to have fun.

2. Listen to music

A great playlist can be a lifesaver when on a long bus journey. With your headphones on, you're transported to a different world every three minutes, depending on the song you listening to. Music keeps you refreshed and informed. You might probably get more creative ideas as you connect your mind with the tempo of the song you listen to.

3. Engage yourself in mind game

Wondering what mind game means, right? Yes! You need to understand what it means to be able to carryout the game effectively and efficiently. Mind game or focusing as the name rightly suggests, means the ability to put your mind into deep reflection. By so doing, you'll be exposed to plethora number of ideas to make your day great. Mind game allows you to be well focused and fully concentrated on things to do to lighten up your day.

4. Do a craft

Along with writing, another way to strengthen those creative muscles on a long bus ride is to immerse yourself in crafting. While a bus seat isn’t the ideal place to layout paints, piles of construction paper and bundles of tools, there are projects that require little space. You can probably get a piece of papers to engineer your crafting ideas if you can't find other materials to use.

5. Laugh

While the people around you may think it’s odd if you start telling yourself jokes, downloading a joke app will safe your day. For example, 18,000 Cool Jokes or 20,000 Awesome Jokes, allows you to silently read thousands of hysterical jokes and entertain yourself for long periods of time.

6. Read

When deciding what to do on a long bus ride, books probably come to mind. You’ll want to make sure it’s a good one to keep your interest piqued. A few personal recommendations: The Creative Edge by Matthew Ashimolowo, Think Big by Ben Carson, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki among others will be good read for you.

7. Invent something

Another way to get creative is inventing something. It may sound childish, but using the time to invent something — whether it be a cocktail, a recipe, a household appliance, an app or something else — can be entertaining and good for the mind. Think back to when you were a child and how much fun you had using your imagination. This is something we tend to lose as we get older, which is a pity because it’s from where great ideas are born. Who knows, you may stumble upon an invention that could turn into a successful business.

8. Play games

Pick up your phone and stroll through your gallery for a cool game to entertain yourself. A popular saying goes thus, "All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy". This will help you to lighten up your mind, and this may brings out some other creative ideas to make the journey a worthwhile. A good recommendation: Cross Puzzles, Scrambles, Asphalt, Temple Run etc. can make your game lists.

9. Sleep

Traveling is exhausting. No matter what you do, the constant rushing around and exploring always leaves you feeling like you didn’t get enough shut-eye. Luckily, a long bus journey provides the perfect opportunity for catching up on those Zzz’s. I hope you can fathom that, isn't it? Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! You need it!

10. Pray

Prayer they say is the master key but I add, it is the door itself and must be prioritized above all. While on a long bus ride, you'll need to commit your journey to your creator's hand. You can either start or end your journey with prayer. The most important thing is that you do the needful by praying irrespective of your religion.

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