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Everyone is very well aware of the Dell computer and its specifications and features. While purchasing any product from the market, the first thing that needs to be ensured that you get full customer satisfaction and is fully convinces into buying the required product. When you opt for purchasing Dell computers, you can be very well convinced that ultimate customer satisfaction is the company’s primary motto. The Dell computers can become your personal favorite and you would surely recommend it to your near and dear ones. If you work with this technology, then you must be aware about the sleep mode issues. Sometimes due to some internal problems in the device, the Dell computer can go into the mode of long sleep. It can basically happen due to some reasons. Some of them usually don’t occur in the mind, unless and until any major issue has not been encountered with.


The best way to resolve any error that occurs with the Dell computer is that you just dial the Dell Phone Number and get technical guidance and assistance. You can be rest assured about getting 100% satisfaction and honest answers while talking to the executives.


The Sleep Mode issues can arise due to these specific reasons. It is basically a problem when the Dell computer goes into deep sleep and it cannot be powered on easily. Some steps need to be implemented to resolve the error:

  • Overheating issues
  • The computer was not shut down completely or was kept in sleep mode for a long time
  • Software or hardware problems
  • Defect in BIOS
  • Incorrect configuration of sleep key on the computer

How to resolve Sleep Mode Issues in Dell Computer?


Use the following steps to revive the device from sleep mode and get the error resolved:

  • Power supply check- Ensure that the power supply switch to which your computer is connected is switched on. The device should be getting sufficient power supply.
  • Authority to keyboard– Allow the keyboard to help the computer wake up from the deep sleep. Navigate to the Device manager, then to the keyboard. Move to Properties and then click on Power management. Put a tick mark on the box ‘Allow the device to wake computers’
  • Update the drivers to the latest version.
  • Enter the code powercfg-request to request power. The code has to be entered in the prompt that controls the power setting.


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By implementing the above methods, you can fix the issue of sleep mode problems in Dell computer. You can try any of the steps that will help you to wake your computer from a deep sleep. The issue can be resolved easily and it would just sometimes.


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