The Best Anti Wrinkle Products - 7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Anti Wrinkle Skin Care

Let's face it, we can not stop ourselves from getting older. HydraLyft Review But we can take steps to look younger by eating right, exercising, and consistently using the best anti wrinkle products on the market. Here are seven things you must know before choosing an anti wrinkle skin care product.

The best anti wrinkle products will attack wrinkles at their source. Therefore, you should also know something about how wrinkles are formed so you can recognize when an anti wrinkle skin care company is telling you the truth.

Your skin is made up of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcataneous tissue. While the epidermis (outer layer) does get thinner and drier as we age, the most important changes contributing to wrinkles happen in the second layer, the dermis. This means that a an anti wrinkle skin care cream needs to penetrate deep into the dermis in order for it to be of any value.

Collagen is found in the dermis, and is what gives skin its form, firmness and strength. It is the "glue" that holds the skin together. It also can not be absorbed by the skin if applied topically. The best anti wrinkle products will never have collagen as an ingredient, so stay away from those that do or you will be wasting your money.

Elastin is also found in the dermis, and gives skin its elasticity. It is the reason your skin goes back to its original shape when stretched or pulled. Like collagen, applying elastin directly to the skin will only sit on the surface of your skin, possibly helping it to hold moisture, but nothing more. Honest companies will not include elastin as an ingredient in their anti wrinkle skin care products.

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