Ponder Points - Think about this - Are the small things in your life getting the attention they deserve? How detailed are you? How do you feel about checklists in your personal and business life?Affirmation Points - Say this to yourself- I am a detailed person. I do not leave anything to chance.The Longevity Blueprint I am deliberate about all the things I do. I always produce excellence as I have excellent systems around me and my business.

If you want to be successful, look around at successful people. How do they achieve their success? There are typically five factors that lead them to their success.First, they dreamed a dream. One of the requirements of being successful is having the desire--something that drives you to move beyond where you are now. It is all the better if the dream is about doing something you totally love. The excitement, the passion, and compelling nature of that dream serves to motivate you during the hard work to get there. The interest sparks the enthusiasm to attempt things and get better and better.

That interest, love, and passion allows you to consider the possibility that you may be able to move beyond whatever limitations with which you started. It is true that at the point at which you enter a sport, or a business or other endeavor, you might not have dreams of being the best in the world. But at least you can consider the possibility that you might get better at whatever it is you are attempting.Second is the willingness to work hard to get better. Whether you are entering a sport, creating a business, moving forward in your chosen field, or sustaining a satisfying relationship, it is essential to be willing to put in the energy and effort required to succeed.

In sports this is about practice. In business it may be about strategic planning and evaluation of results. In other areas, it might just have to do with sticking with things, even when they get difficult. Moving forward toward almost any goal requires that you to stretch yourself--little by little--to learn, to grow and to do better.It involves stretching beyond your comfort zone. It involves trying things you have never done, and practicing them over and over until you get better at them. But don't worry. This doesn't usually happen in a vacuum.


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