You might not be able to visit an expensive salon. Then again you could always take advantage of these styling tips.

  1. To create Soft Waves, blow dry your hair straight. Spray bottled water on your hair with a pressurized spray bottle and let your hair dry naturally. See the wavy look you get.
  2. Here is a quick wavy look tip. Part your hair on the sides and braid the pieces that frame your face loosely. For a few minutes, blow dry these pieces and let your hair cool down before unbraiding it. See the results - your hair will be straight at the top and wavy at the bottom.
  3. Here is another quick Wavy Look Tip. Part your hair into 1-inch sections, roll them up into pin curls and hold them together with hair clips or bobby pins. Wear your shower cap on and get into the shower.; the steam will set your hair as you shower. Take away the cap afterwards. Remove the clips from your hair and shake your now wavy hair out.
  4. Here is an elegant up do tip. Tease your hair lightly at the top then pull it into a French Twist. This will create more fullness.
  5. Here is another elegant up do tip. Add a couple drops of shine serum product before twisting your hair into place to give it a polished look.

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Comment by john richard on June 8, 2018 at 7:55am

hello, i am John Richard an Email Support Service provider. 

thanks For the blog. i am confused with my haircut because i have very silky hair and i am facing so much of problem to manage them

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