The use of Colorful Logos by these Famous Companies to Reinforce their Message

Logo designing for any company is a difficult job. There are many ways in which it can be cortical as a logo speaks volumes about a company, its products and the message it wants to connotes to its target audience. I am sure you are aware of many famous logos like Coca Cola and Apple and why they are famous as they know exactly what they are trying to sell and how to engage their target market and everyone looking at their logo.

A new entrant in the market definitely need the assistance of a dubai logo design company to make an inventive and colorful logo. In this blog, I will try to offer you 5 primary colors and their usage by 5 famous companies in making sure that their logo gets noticed big time.

  1. Red

ESPN uses the color red which denotes passion and energy among other aspects. ESPN is worldwide leader in sports and you can’t expect anything ordinary form its logo, both in terms of design and the message it connotes. Red is the color of warmth, energy and aggression and that’s what most sports are all about. For a sportsperson all these are necessary to have a winning attitude and ESPN uses them smartly in their logo.

  1. Green

Animal Planet is all green and you can expect why. Nature is green and whenever we think of serenity, the green color comes in our mind. We see lots of greenery on Animal Planet as jungles and lush green landscapes are shown in their programs. The color is also soothing to the eyes and whenever you see their logo, you know exactly what to expect from the channel and that’s why people tune into Animal Planet.

  1. Blue

IBM uses the blue color to its maximum advantage. IBM is a worldwide giant when it comes to computer system and hardware and has been doing business for over a century now (it was founded in 1911) The blue color is synonymous for integrity and professionalism and that’s what most people expect from a company of IBM’s stature and repute. Blue color is also used for denoting success and IBM smartly uses it make sure everyone sees a positive image of their company and as a successful one.

  1. Purple

Yahoo! uses purple color in its logo and is known for being intuitive and creative. Yahoo! was once one of the biggest IT companies in the world with its search engine and directories used by millions of people every day. While Google has dethroned it for quite a while now Yahoo! is still an important player in the market and the purple color is also known for imagining ideas. In this way, Yahoo! believes and want to show to everyone looking at its logo that it is not down and out from the race and is still a force to reckon with when it comes to IT services, search engine and directories.

Final Word

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Comment by Jessica Morgan on June 7, 2018 at 12:36pm

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Comment by john richard on June 6, 2018 at 9:22am


you have a great skill of writing.

keep writing and keep informing us.


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