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5 Types of Restaurants to Avoid on a First Date

The mood is perfect; the two of you have finally gotten together for a romantic dinner after endless emails, instant messages and phone calls. The music is soothing and building the passion you have felt since the very first time you connected on your…


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How to Stop Fighting: Can't Handle Conflict? Your Childhood May Be to Blame

If you can't stop fighting with your partner, listen up.

Do you find yourself getting upset, then calming down pretty quickly once the issue has been resolved? Or do you stay mad for hours, plotting ways to prove the other person…


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It's Time You Face Your Fears

Dressing up in a costume for Halloween may seem juvenile, but as grown-ups it's a once in a year chance for grown-ups to live out our fantasies.


Perhaps that's why men tend to go for the strong, powerful and invincible get-ups such as their favorite superheroes, while most women get all sexed out in tiny school girl, nurse or hot stuff devil ensembles. Whether you dress up or don't, we all have significant fears about stepping out of character or our…


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The Story You Tell Yourself May Be Keeping You Single

Jennifer is a woman I know through a woman’s business networking group, but not a client. She has been married and divorced two times. She has not had a long-term relationship since her last divorce which is over 12 years ago. This is not because she doesn’t want to be in a loving long-term relationship, she…


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Your First Christmas Alone After Divorce

During the Christmas holidays do you feel like Scrooge? Do you feel depressed and miserable and wish Christmas would not come this year? Your first Christmas alone after divorce is not easy as anyone knows who has had to go…


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5 Ways To Spot A “Confirmed Bachelor”

Most women fear divorce more than anything, but what if divorce isn’t even in the cards because your new beau wouldn’t ever dream of getting married? If you’re like every other marriage-minded…


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Effective Tips for Sensational Online Dating

If you are sick and tired of every let down that traditional dating has led you to, you may be interested in a more modern trend of dating: online dating. You may be all that when it comes to picking up girls on the street and in bars, but to be an effective online dater, then you will need a completely new…


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Stop Playing Games with Your Marriage

As difficult as it really is to understand, married couples continue to play games with one another right after they are married. Being blunt, this kind of game playing is risky towards the health of the marriage relationship and must be stopped at any cost. There is no room for this within a happy…


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3 Best Tips on How to Want my Ex Want me Back Again

Getting your ex to want you back after a breakup can be considered a quite challenging process. This runs specifically true when you are the primary reason of the breakup. Then again, using the proper plan of action, it is possible to push some triggers inside your ex’s heart and have him/her to get…


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