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Winning the Battle for free press in Nigeria


As the information age progresses, writers and journalists have emerged the power brokers in political system and also have become greater

targets of unscrupulous…


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Open Memo To Wole Soyinka on the New Nigeria

Sir, it is with humility that I write you this open memo. I want to congratulate you for your recent efforts on behalf of the Save Nigeria Group at ensuring that the future…


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Nigerians-Do not Fall In Temptation!

I have warned about the lazy thinking that someone will be able to push through the tenets of the Nigerian revolution outside the people themselves starting from their attitude about unfolding events but it appears that so many are still being bamboozled by promises from those…


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Overcoming delicate stages of the Nigerian Revolution

We are about to enter a delicate stage of the Nigerian revolution and it calls for serious preparation to overcome all the negative tactics of the opposition. I didn’t say they are the enemy, but opposition because we all are going to the same destination. Even the opposition will marvel at the gains and success the new will offer them had they the capacity to seen it in advance. However, everywhere, to some is given the strength to drag others along even against their best judgments… Continue

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The joint Statement on Nigeria by US, Britain, AU, and EU spoke of the need to keep Nigeria as a stabilizing force in the West African sub region. It vaguely spoke of the consequences of an insecure Nigeria in global security calculations and prefers that this renowned contributor to peacekeeping force in Africa continue to resolve internal issues peacefully in ‘democratic’ manner just as it envisages that the Anambra State election will prove that Nigerian democracy is superior after all. What… Continue

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As Nigeria move irretrievably towards fundamental changes occasioned by recent events-a sick absentee President, a Constitution that is self contradictory leading to a vacuum in power despite the fact that there exists a willing Vice President and a National Assembly with hands seemingly tied; a ruling party unable to rise above sectional interests in resolving national problems and failing state unable to abide by the multilateral and bilateral agreements with the international community, the… Continue

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The Nigerian revolution has taken off well. However you look at it, it is not necessarily a big bang. So many players are yet to be sure of what is happening. As expected, the stages have taken off well but danger lies ahead if we do not make demands on those who will benefit from the transitional stages of the struggle, those whose fate brings them to midwife the process of change. We must not let another NADECO come about to set us back for decades. To this end, we must begin to channel… Continue

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The Political Impact of Bayelsa ‘s 2010 Budget

Politics and leadership should be Siamese twins. While politics is about power relationships in particular fields, leadership reminds us of the guidiance from one man of influence in a group situation that helps the group to achieve desired ends. You need extraordinary leadership to succeed in the slippery Nigerian political terrain. No need to elaborate here. Ronald Reagan said that politics was much like the oldest profession in one hand and like show business on the other hand. “You have one… Continue

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The Rule of law and the the two Nigerias

The Nigerian dilemma stems from constitutional confusion. There can never be a rule of law without a constitution that respects the laws of Nigeria, internationally recognized laws of Nigeria. Nigerian history is replete with so many constitutional changes to the extent that no one seems to keep track with how the true constitution looked like. But without such a direction how can a nation be built? This treatise will trace the catastrophic political discoloring of the true Nigerian… Continue

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Can Any Election Hold In Nigeria?

I get exited somewhat with all the euphoria about Anambra State Elections coming up soon.it is such a dilemma of arrangements for this election when Nigeria seems sunk into a political constitutional quagmire in the cent re.What kind of election can we have? What kind of voting awaits Nigerians is soon to be seen.For some of us that are burdened by higher education in an environment where mediocrity is celebrated,the prospect of any election is bleak. There again it depends on how you define… Continue

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Environment and the Niger Delta Question

Environment has always been the whipping boy of the Niger Delta dilemma. Everyone knows that there is oil spillage here and there; that there is degradation of the soil structure thereby making Agriculture and indeed fishing less attractive as an occupation for the people. Each year the ecological fund is given to States and budgeted into embankment, jetties, erosion control and the like. The international community represented by the World Bank, the DFID, etc and oil companies conduct research… Continue

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Nigeria Needs A revolution

Nigeria needs a revolution in every aspect of life especially in the political, social, mental and spiritual spheres if she must survive the vagaries of the millennium. A branding revolution in the political sphere is preeminent as it points the way to all others. Nigeria needs to measure up in terms of the caliber of leadership she throws up at a globalized world. She needs a leader who is competitive in every respect, someone who can participate effectually at United Nations deliberations for… Continue

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