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Up Up River Nun

You do remember the Memoirs of His Royal Highness Chief Frank- Opigo, DOWN RIVER NUN. Then you are likely also to recollect that Nun River stretches downwards through the

swampy terrain of The Niger Delta in Southern Nigeria. Two great things join in

one you may surmise. Well here I am

riding the crest of the turbulent waves on the brownish River Nun. The bright

November sun is biting above me in this boat. I am headed for the funeral…


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Nigeria:The last 50 years and the next to come

Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence on 1st October 2010.The drums have been rolled out and there is nostalgia in the air. There have been great

speeches at gatherings praising the country that is still seen as the big hope



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Reaction to my article ‘Defending the Igbo interest’ has come in different ways. Apparently, Government has reduced checkpoints in Eastern Roads. Contractors have resumed work in the dilapidated Aba-Port Harcourt expressway at Aba. The President reportedly told the World Igbo congress “I Am one of you”. Opposing political contenders tried to over do themselves with promises hinging on appointments of Igbo sons and daughters to political positions. Earlier the Ohaneze Ndigbo said it… Continue

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Who will defend Igbo intersts in Nigeria?

A lot has happened to the Igbo nation with the end of the civil war but the consistent destruction of their economic means of livelihood is something that must be addressed quickly by all concerned. It is of utmost concern because reversal of the present trend promises to impact positively on the economic recovery efforts of the Federal government of Nigeria.It is of such global impact that the world should help Nigeria find a solution to the igbo problem because it has already become the… Continue

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Ending Nigeria's security dilema

Lately the security situation in Nigeria appears to be getting out of hand. Kidnapping has become rampant. People are uneasy starting from the President who proposed using the

army to tackle it down to the ordinary man in the street whose only weapon is

prayer. To tackle kidnapping will entail that we do a thorough soul searching

of our past to find out where we went wrong in our policies with a view to

ameliorating the situation. Every…


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Preview of the 2011 elections in Nigeria

The 2011 elections in Nigeria will serve only as a step towards the realization of the Nigerian revolution. With or without reforms in place it will serve to break some myth about the Nigerian political system as

presently familiar to the outsiders and convince all Nigerians that Nigerian destiny…


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Why Nigeria was incoherent at World cup matches

After Nigeria drew her last match with South Korea 2-2 and crashed out of the on going World Cup in South Africa, I was inundated the queries as to why my prediction for a successful outing went bad. Some wanted

me to do post scrip to analyze properly what happened. Somehow I am a bit…


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A Flotilla Lesson For The Middle East Summit

Last week saw the real test on the resolve of the World to see through a Middle East Peace settlement in this generation. It was known as the Flotilla, and it sailed within our very gaze into the troubled waters of

the Gaza strip expecting to be welcomed by the open arms of the much trumpeted

2-state solution. Instead it was awakened by the rude reality that this

beautiful dream had not yet taken off concretely enough to form a shield of

defense against…


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Winning the war against ignorance in Nigeria

As a matter of preference I have tried to refrain from focusing on the many sided ills of decades of military and civilian misrule in Nigeria because I did not want to call attention to the bad or give undue credence to the

inconsequential at the expense of urgently needed reforms. It worked well in

the run up stages of the Nigerian revolution but then many begin to question if

truly these ills have had an impact enough to warrant our going back to it…


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Nigerians Abroad:A Call To Duty

I have been reflecting on the proper role of Nigerians abroad in the up building of the new Nigeria of our dreams and the more I ponder over it the more I become convinced that this group is yet to stand at

her post. It seems to me that the reason for this anomaly can be traced to lack

of understanding of what the Nigerian context are viz- a -viz other countries

with large immigrant communities abroad. It is necessary that an explanation of



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A new Stage Of The Nigerian Revolution

At the last count the Nigerian revolution was at the stage of choices. Honestly I thought it had reached a climax when President Obama met with our [Acting] President Goodluck Jonathan in Washington recently, but I was

proved wrong by recent events. In the first place I was disappointed that…


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Conflict and Military Psyche in Nigeria

We need to seriously examine why the military has not disengaged in Nigeria. How disruptive to nation building is this continuing engagement by other means. We must now unravel how

this octopus came about with a view to ending it by closing this spiritual

circle where it started. To do this we…


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Nigerian Youths Reject Rotational Presidency

Last week the New Nigeria Youth Movement met in Ghana to deliberate on recent events in Nigeria. The meeting venue was deliberately kept secret to avoid ‘disruption’ akin to the last one billed for Port Harcourt. I

could not make the trip but joined them on telephone conferencing. We had

earlier adopted new security measures because we are not sure of whom our

opposition is: Whether it is the Old Nigeria cabal or the new ruling clique

bent on…


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Between Ghadafi And America's positions On Nigeria

Last week saw a big progress made in global attempts to help Nigeria resolve her crises. From Africa came the seasoned voice of the founding Father of the African Union while America voiced its position on Nigeria

supporting efforts by the acting President Jonathan to reform electoral

processes for the coming elections in 2011.The progress is in the fact that we

now have models for consideration and for once Nigerian leaders will be called

upon to face…


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How to Quicky Resolve The Middle East Impasse

I have reflected deeply on the present Middle East impasse and my heart bleeds with the increasing realization that the World is once more at the verge of loosing a big opportunity provided by the Barrack Obama Presidency in the United States to make a breakthrough. I am looking at the Present impasse in the proposed Peace talk between Israel and Palestine. At the Last count it appears the latest announcement of plans by Israel to build 50,000 more housing units in the occupied… Continue

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Nigeria Shadow Cabinet Declares President Incapacitated

At Last the inaugural session of the Nigerian Shadow cabinet held in New York with about hundred prominent Nigerian representatives

in attendance. Several deliberations and decisions of vital

importance were reached on cubing corruption,on ending the present

constitutional impasse and on the way forward for Nigeria.In a

matter of hours the Nigerian problem was solved by participants

some of whom were university professors. It was piloted…

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International Dimension of the Nigerian crises

Hitherto Nigeria used to be regarded as a tolerable dictatorship in the comities of Nations. She was remembered for offering her large war tested troops for any regional…


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President Obama is greater than we thought

I have watched very closely the policies of the Obama administration in the United States of America since his election and I have not until now been able to place my hands on any indices to indicate his famed greatness.

I may not be the best of judges but President Obama’s decision to pursue what

is right baring the political consequences must stand out as the stuff great men

are made. I watched him declare during his Health care debate that



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Agenda for Nigeria’s Shadow Parliament in New York

Last week the 1992 list of Shadow Cabinet members drawn by the New Nigeria Youth Movement raised a lot of dust. People continued to send me nomination of likely members for the proposed new Shadow Cabinet to be drawn and ratified by

the Youth body billed to meet last week in Port Harcourt. What

they did not appear to understand is that I have no powers to draw, ratify or

even announce such a list at the present time. In 1992, I was given such a

mandate but not today.…


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A Shadow cabinet for Nigeria

In 1991 a shadow cabinet for Nigeria was appointed and ratified by the General Assembly of the then New Nigerian Youth Movement [NNYM] meeting at the University of Lagos. The…


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