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Blade and Soul New Class: A Greatsword-Wielding Tank Coming in 2018

The latest Blade and Soul producer's letter provides a peek ahead at the biggest thing that is coming this year: a new class! The new class is a new greatsword-wielding tank character powered by brute strength. Read on to get more information about the new class, engine upgrade, and new raids. Read the post


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RuneScape 3 Quest Guide: You Are It

Today MmoGah is sharing with you a guide on how to do the new RuneScape 3 quest: You Are It. This should take you 10-15 minutes to complete, and you'll get clue scrolls as rewards. To do the quest, you need membership and a rope. You also need to bank your equipment at the start of the quest or before you head out to Lumbridge.…


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Twitch Drops & More Are Coming to The ESO!

Very soon, you'll be able to earn unique Crown Crates just by watching The ESO on Twitch, and ESO is bringing Crown Packs, ESO Plus, and ESO: Summerset to the Games on Twitch digital store. It is announced the upcoming addition of Twitch Drops and game purchases to your favorite ESO Twitch streams. With this new system, you'll be able to receive in-game rewards, enjoy ESO-themed Twitch goodies, and buy Crown Packs, an ESO Plus membership, and ESO: Summerset…


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Guide to WoW Battle for Azeroth Preview - Island Expeditions

As we know, the dungeons and raids in WoW are played hundreds of times by each player over the expansion’s course, and they’re expected to be fun and interesting each time. WoW patch 8.0 introduces various new adventures for players to undertake, including Island Expeditions. It is one of two exciting new instanced game modes. It is a unique PvP experience where two opposing teams of three land on uncharted islands and race to gather Azerite, the new resource key to the Alliance-Horde…


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Soul Worker Lily Guide: Part 2- Tips on Playing Lily

Dear Soul Worker players, today I will show you Soul Worker Lily Guide part 2. You can learn about tips on playing Lily in this gaming news, and you can see more Soul Worker Guide if you need in MmoGah.…


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Soul Worker Lily Guide: Part 1- Skills

Lily is the middle difficulty character in Soul Worker. Today, MmoGah will show you Lily Guide, and I will introduce Lily Skills first. These skills are objective description, not Lily skill builds, so you can build your own Lily skills according to your preference.(more)


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How to Get Loan Players in FIFA 18

Loan players are cards which can be used for a limited number of games in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, which can boost your team’s overall performance. In this article, mmogah as a professional fifa coins ps4 store will tell you how to get Loan players for your team. Read full post.


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TESO: Get a Free Pet During the Morrowind Last Event!

Your chance to get the Morrowind Chapter free with your pre-purchase of the upcoming ESO: Summerset Chapter is ending soon. Already own Morrowind? You're in for a treat! To thank all of the current Morrowind players, they're giving out a free Vvardvark pet and temporarily bringing back Dwarven Crown Crates. If you ……(more)


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Path of Exile FAQ: Incursion League

At the end of last week Path of Exile is announced the upcoming Incursion League and more details of Content Update PoE 3.3.0. Since the announcement Grinding Gear Games has noticed a few common questions coming up so they wanted to take a moment to answer a few of these. More details.


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How to Score More Goals from Kick-Off in FIFA 18

Kick-Off glitch is one of the most annoying but also biggest advantages in FIFA 18. The kick-off glitch isn't really much of a glitch. It's a tactic that players are using to score goals that makes the most of overpowered passing and the initial set-up of the teams. In tutorial, you’ll learn the best tips on exactly how to score them every time you start at the center circle after each goal...(…


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Announcing Path of Exile: Incursion

Path of Exile: Incursion will launch on June 1 (PDT) on PC and June 4 on Xbox One. It is announced that the Incursion League which allows players to travel back in time to discover the location of the ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl and change its history to craft their own perfect temple to run. This update features a new NPC, giant temple with over 75 modular rooms, many new bosses, dozens of new unique items and divination cards, 12 new gems, a massive revamp…


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Why so Many Players Prefer to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai from MmoGah

When searching “Soul Worker Dzenai” in google, you will find lots of websites selling it. In such a competitive MMO gold selling market, so many players prefer to Buy Soul Worker Dz from MmoGah. Now I will show you the reasons why the online gaming store MmoGah is so popular.…


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TESO:Summerset - A Land of Ancient History and Beauty

Summerset Isle is a land like no other in Tamriel of the ESO, and its beauty and history are reflected in the lives of the High Elves who live there. Watch our new trailer then dive into this feature article to learn about these proud and ancient people and the island they call home. Are you excited to explore the Isle of Summerset and experience a world and culture unlike anything else in Tamriel? Read on to learn…


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WoW Battle for Azeroth New Allied Races Preview – Maghar Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves

Good Allies are hard to find in WoW, and we’ve got you covered in Battle for Azeroth. Two new Allied Races: Mag’har orcs and Dark Iron dwarves will become available over your adventures’ course in the new expansion. In mmogah’s guide, we'll cover how to unlock two Allied Race, their available classes, racial abilities and other detail. Read this post


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