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Wrong Reasons for Getting Married – (2) Marrying For Money

This is the second in the series of wrong reasons for getting married that we are discussing. Money is critical to all

development; be they scientific, social and emotional. However, marriage, and I mean marriage

between a man and a woman is a fundamental business to all life’s endeavours. The only wise reasons for marriage…


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Wrong Reasons for Getting Married - (1) Marrying Out of Sympathy

There are right and wrong reasons for getting married. The worst thing a person can do to oneself is to marry a wife or husband for the wrong

reason. There are quite a number of wrong reasons why people marry. One

of the wrong reasons and perhaps among the most prominent of the wrong reasons

is marrying out of…


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Groundwork For Joyful Relationships

The synonyms for the word relationship include ‘association, affiliation, bond, link, liaison, rapport, connection, etc.’ When you extend these synonyms a little further, you will see other words like friendship, union, alliance, attachment, contact, cooperation, involvement, understanding, affinity, empathy, etc. The images that come into my mind as I contemplate these words include social, business, filial and marriage relationships.

Relationships are at the root of all forms of… Continue

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Using TMT In Dating and Courtship Relationships

One of the major challenges faced by dating and courtship partners is how to date and court appropriately.

In an era where dating has been taken as a licence for sexual intimacy, it is an uphill task convincing young single and single adults that they should keep sex out of their dating and courtship relationships. The few relationship experts and coaches who have been working and pushing for the young people to learn that by following certain proven

principles and practices, they… Continue

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