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How To Repent From Wrongdoing In A Relationship

The importance of repentance in a relationship has been acknowledged as critical to freedom and peace of those involved.  Perhaps, the question now is how one can repent from a wrongdoing inflicted in a relationship.  The process of repentance for all offences is the same whether one is repenting from disobedience to God’s commandments or to parents’ counsel or from hurting a relationship partner.

There is conditions precedent to repentance and there is a process.  The condition…


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The Importance of Repentance In Relationships

Repentance means regret, sorrow, remorse, penitence, shame, contrition, apology and atonement for wrongdoing.  Human relationships generally are fraught with misunderstanding, cheating, abuses, mistakes, misconducts and hurtful acts.  Many people come into relationships with fraudulent intent.  Many come into it with the best intentions.  Regardless of the thesis upon which one came into a relationship, those involved suffer abuses, hurts and cheating from their partners or the impact of the…


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Dating And Morality – Love Is a Product Without Samples

There is an American soap – name forgotten now – where the following statement was made: Love is one product you cannot sell by giving out sample. The predominant mindset of the women,

especially those who feel time is running out on them because of age seem to be

give the man a little booty if you…


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Dating And Morality – The Mix-up

There is a recurring decimal in all the relationship problems involving women. Relationship pages in newspapers and magazines are replete with woeful bemoaning by women who have lost out in the

relationship game. The problem is that dating relationship is being mixed up

with marriage relationship. This mix-up is the…


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The Limited Value Of Sexual Intimacy

The value of sexual intimacy in a relationship is either over-emphasized or wrongly emphasized or both. Sexual intimacy is an integral part of the man-woman relationship. It is, however, not the foundation. All relationships between men and women when founded upon sexual intimacy must crumble regardless of how far it was taken to – dating, courtship, engagement or marriage. This is the bedrock of almost all relationship challenges faced by humanity. Such a relationship could be likened to a… Continue

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