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How To Prepare Your Children For Life

My experience around Africa is that nowadays nobody is teaching our children our ways. There are no conscious efforts to have our children get the right type of education

that would ensure that they have a chance to survive, not to talk of

thriving. We have even lost the only

basic elements that is part of the colonially bequeathed education -

integrity. What we are concerned about

today is to get our children to pass examinations and get paper…


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How To Grow In Wisdom

The synonyms of wisdom include understanding, knowledge, insight, perception, astuteness, intelligence, acumen, good judgment. If you extend

this further, you get such words as sharpness, expertise, awareness,

discernment, thoughtful, considerate, sensitivity, observant, etc.…


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How To Grow Your Grocery Store Business Into A Stable Supermarket

The rate at which many small businesses collapse is of much concern. The world economic condition is impact more adversely on small

businesses. One of the business types

easily started by people is the small grocery stores. These come in all shapes and sizes. There is the one small room provision

store. There are the large warehouse

size shops or supermarkets. There are

also the ones that are started by the house or…


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