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An Economy in Perdition.,

The Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) has raised alarm over widespread and substantial increase in the level of corruption in all sectors of government, resulting in extensive haemorrhage and wasteful…


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Gadhafi - Libya's flamboyant, mecurial ruler.

Once called the "mad dog of the Middle East," Libya's often

flamboyantly dressed ruler, Moammar Gadhafi, has ruled the north African

nation for 42 years.

But Libya's 679,362 square miles and 6.4 million people have rarely seemed enough for Gadhafi, who in 2008 gathered a group of African tribal leaders and had them grant him the

lofty title, "King of Kings."

It was part of his campaign for a unified Africa -- a single federation with a million-man army at its…


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If Jonathan were Igbo

For more than four decades, the Nigerian oligarchy and its subjects

have been strutting on, as if the Igbo nation does not exist. Of

course, we do not need the powers of a clairvoyant to let us know

that Ndigbo are a conquered people. This is not the issue at hand.

What I am talking about here presents a pungent and poignant question

which borders on fair play, equity, justice and political correctness

or lack of it in the Nigerian context.

For good or… Continue

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Nigeria on the Brink. What happens if the 2011 Election fails?

The 2011 elections in Nigeria, pose a threat to the stability of the United States’ most important partner in West Africa. The end of a power-sharing arrangement between the Muslim North and the Christian South, as now seems likely, could lead to postelection sectarian violence, paralysis of the executive branch, and even a coup. The Obama administration has little leverage over the conduct and outcome of the elections -- and if the vote does lead to chaos, Washington may no longer be able…


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Islamic Terrorism - What does Muhammed preach?

This article shows the basis for a radical and fundamentalist Islam and i have written it purely in my understanding of the genesis of Islamic terrorism. The Islamic Community has to confront the terrorists in their midst both in words and deeds by practically opposing their interpretation of Islam, if they believe that it is not the true interpretation and as long as the Muslim community does not confront and denounce these terrorists, they cannot complain that non muslims are…


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